Ceelin Plus Syrup For Healthier Kids

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Kids nowadays may look healthy because they are chubby and tall but sometimes looks can be deceiving. We can never be too sure how healthy a child is unless we monitor their eating habits everyday. Furthermore, since the weather is somewhat unpredictable, children tend to get colds and flu easily and more frequently. Young children’s immune system is not yet fully developed so this makes then susceptible to all types of illnesses. This is when supplementation with Vitamin C and Zinc is helpful. The combination of Vitamin C and Zinc will boost the body’s immune system and help the body’s natural defense against damaging free radicals.

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Kids will get these nutrients from Ceelin Plus Syrup. It is the only Vitamin C plus Zinc in liquid format containing stabilized Vitamin C. Good thing UNILAB PH sent me samples a couple of days ago for my nephew to try out. He likes the taste so we do not have to force him to take his vitamins. He is the one who reminds us about it. He often has colds because he is an active boy and perspires a lot so I am hoping that he does not get sick anymore now that he is regularly taking Ceelin.

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