IU & Yoseob – [LIVE]What I Want To Do If I Have A Lover


I quite missed putting up some Kpop videos over this site, istarblog.com, because I’d became more focused in to these fashion collections that are continuously on releasing these past few weeks ago. I hope brands has this scheduling matter for us bloggers to be more updated and posted up all the Brand’s collection released.

Anyway, let me share to you this performance video of IU and Yoseob singing the song What I Want To Do If I Have A Lover. Might most of you watched it already but still I wanted it to be here and be part of my blog history too..lol because look, this performance is really great and their voices really blended well that will surely make you LSS to it.. Also, I’ve heard this musical instrument protools from musicians friend but I am not still sure though about it. It is just my hint because the arrangement of the song and the music itself its like more protools used to it.. Ahah okay, I am not a professional musicians but I can nearly distinguish the type of instruments they’ve use in the certain songs and musics.. I think, I have a great ears by having this know..haha