Looking for Tattoo Supplies


“Everyone has that friend whose body is entirely covered in tattoos. My friend like that actually has a girlfriend who is the same way. Hanging out with them is hilarious, because they always have new art to showcase and I love seeing all the new pieces, the recreations of famous paintings, or the random cartoons or bike chains. That kind of thing. It’s really creative, and even inspiring. So inspiring in fact that I have decided to get my own tattoo. Now, I’m not going to just go to any old shop, in fact, I’m going to do it myself!

I know I need to learn more about tattoo kits if I’m really going to do some home tattooing. I’ll need ink and a tattoo gun and tons of other stuff. I took a look at http://www.thelashop.com to start to figure out what I need. I need a whole mess of stuff.

I figure that not only will I come away from this experience with a cool tattoo – more likely a ton of new tattoos – but it’ll also be a skill I can use to make some cash coming up. Everyone needs a tattoo artist they love and can trust. Also, I very much look forward to the next time I hang out with my buddy and his girlfriend so we can compare our art. I hope he doesn’t think I’m doing it to impress him, I really was inspired by him, and I’m not just trying to copy or emulate him. I’m pretty sure he’ll get it, and even be honored. It’s not like he’s the only person with a ton of tattoos so he can’t really claim ownership of the idea. The only real issue is he’s got no room left so he’ll likely be jealous of my ability to get more tattoos.