New Balance 990 “Made in USA” Navy Re-Issue


When it comes to shoes. I really like this brand called ” New Balance” because their all shoes and kicks are indeed versatile that you may wear everywhere and anytime. Like for example this awesome New Balance 990 “Made in USA” Navy Re-Issue shoes that they recently released in the market that has a pricing range of 180$ – 200$ in any affiliated stores and to the new balance stores itself.

I must say, all the new balance shoes are can be wear into sports activities and even to some casual formal events and I know most of the fashion enthusiasts out there are can related on what am telling here. Soon, I’ll be sharing some of my outfit post that am wearing this new balance shoes and I’ll use it on my casual wear and to my sport wear for you to understand on what I supposed to tell you here..hehhe

Also, the one thing that I’d most like about on this brand and its shoes is, they just like made of stainless steel tube bending that will be surely last and use longer..hehhe alright, that’s it for now and I hope you’ll keep on checking this blog for my outfit posts pretty soon..