Visvim Patrician Moma Folk F.i.l Exclusive


One of the daily routines is to roam over online (web) to search some informative or fashion related news that I may post up to this blog as my update. And today, Ive found this one shoes that can did caught my attention because of its quirkiness that most of you my readers will be surely wants to see or read to this blog? I’m just assuming though..LOL anyway, this shoes is from the brand Visvim Patrician Moma Folk? sorry, Actually, I am not still sure though about the brand name and such other information of this awesome shoes. I just randomly get it over google as I searching some dope pieces to include here, so please bear with me then..heheh

But no worries, soon I got any further information about this great shoes. Sure thing, will update this post again for you to, to find out on what are the other information or details of this great shoes. Alright, that’s it for now..Thanks!