What are the best musics to listen?

A lot of new artists who’ve been released their own set of musics to please us listeners. There were some groovy sounds, k pop,ballad and mellow sounds. However, the Nigerian Songs are still on the hits today. Because they are still peeps who are avid fan on this musics, beside each everyone of us has this own like and dislike when its comes on musics and to the other stuff.

That’s why we have this freewill to think and to decide on our own. By the way, while I’m brainstorming to this idea on what should I put in and include on this post. I just stumbled on this site www.hibuzz.com, wherein a lot of Online Nigerian Music  and Nigerian Movies are listed there and even some Nigerian artists. I must say, this site is really relevant and easily to browse of.

Check the site now, and you may listen some awesome new musics either. 🙂