Wooden Frame Glasses

 photo wood_zps0e81a374.jpg

Glasses was the one piece that we may include on this finds that is fashionable and functional. Because we can make ourselves fashionable to it by simply wearing it and pair with some dope styling. Also, this is so functional if you do have some deficiency on your eyesight. That’s why I really liked this accessory than to other usual accessories today in the fashion industry.

Actually, I used to wear glasses because I do have grades on my both eyes, I think my grades are 100 – 150 the last time I checked it through the help of my ophthalmology. Though, doctor refer an contact lens for my condition because they do have this new collection for the contacts they have in store and yet I’d still consider rather wanted to wear this glasses and be simply fashionable through it. I actually working with some glasses collaboration and it might be up so soon over this site. I hope you can get back in here as often as you can for you to see on how to style and rock on this piece, glasses.

Wooden glasses are the one great today most especially on the season we may having this time, summer. It can gives this summer accents too because of the wood frame and you might got this great impressions by the other people as they found you way quirky by wearing an usual kind of frame for glasses. So – yeah! this wooden glasses can also make your own statement when it comes to your fashion.