Off to Baguio

I think time for me to update my travel category that Ive been forgot quite awhile, lol and yeah we went to Baguio one of the coldest place here in the Philippines and who told you that Philippines just had this hot sunshine weather?LOL ok if you want to visit the place make sure you can bring your own hoddie or any jackets available on your end. On Baguio you will see some indigenous people where you can rent their native dresses like we have on the photos below, and yeah going there is indeed fun because a lot of beautiful places that you can visit with and especially those delicacies was tasty good..

ok, there you go, and by the way how we look like? so i hope you’ll have fun as you have plan to go there thanks and soon ill update this travel category with some most demand places..

One comment on “Off to Baguio

  1. i missed going to Baguio. The last time I went there was on February 2008 Panagbenga’s Festival. I want to go there again. BTW, cute costumes!

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