Delayed payment again

Recently I’ve been published that my theadnetwork was pretty delayed by paying me on their monthly payment to this site because they did putted their banners up into this blog and onto my other 6 blogs,that can earned me 50 usd per month, yeah, they just having a very cheap advertisement into my well ranked blogs, but it’s ok though, because 50 bucks is still a help for me to pursue this thing up,of course I’m paying some bucks on my hosting and other expenses online.

But I think the company are having some problem on their budget or finances? Not sure though,but that’s my hint then,because they do give us publishers some hard ass to receive each one of us payments,hey guys,what,s happening side there? Been emailed them already but yet still they don’t get back on me to explain what’s happening that the payment caused delayed. My goodness gracious I really need some bucks so badly now because I was planned already to buy one Dslr camera that I know having 50 bucks will be a part to have my eagerness, alrighty let see who this guys come up soon regarding this matter,but im still hopping that they’ll pay me by tomorrow morning. Let see though.

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  1. I absolutely feel you. It is so annoying when you’re expecting the payment for the job you did on that day and then suddenly the payment will be delayed for some issues that they wouldn’t care to disclose to you.

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