I’m still adepting my self to write well

I admit, I wasn’t good enough when it’s comes in writing because I needed to check on my comma,period,capital letter, that I’ve often forgotten to check on with. Actually I quite bothering on this nowadays,why? Because I was adepting it and most of the time I really do leave those phrases that has to be comma on the end,either some period and must be capitalize letters, but yet still I’m trying my best now to write in the right command of English,so that people that reads my post out will not hits me any extremely criticism. Though I do accept such notes in me but also, as a reader we must to be responsible enough as well by giving any comments in regards on what the author wanted to share with. Me, personally I must, I’d reads some blogs already that has this very poor command of English though,but still I do respect on what he/she trying to say to everyone,because in that sense, the blogger will practice her/him writing stuff, but of course in other side of it we must correct him/her in what we’ve seen wrong in the manner way.

By the way,could you please bear me to this post? Excuse me, I’m just using iPad and I’m having a hard time to check on my previous writes,I’ll check my grammars later morning. Thanks and have a pleasant day to everybody.

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