Shaun Everisto Choreographer of YG Entertainment(Big Bang, 2NE1)

Shaun Evaristo

shaun Evaristo is behind all of those awesome dance routine that you’ve been seeing to those kpop artists nowadays like big bang and 2ne1 under Yg entertainment Korea , actually shaun begins on California as a dancer /choreographer together with his wife named Aimee Lucas and through friends who is working on Yg entertainment back in 2008 shaun got an offered on Yg entertainment as a choreographer and being a Filipino i am very proud to him included his wife because Aimee is Filipino too..

shaun Choreograph Taeyang more often and the most awesome choreography that Ive been seen in my entire life was the Wedding Dress of taeyang one of the member of big bang and now taeyang released a new song ill be there who shaun worked for the choreography as well and ill post it on my next post, for min while lets all watch the interview of this great man and i hope i can see him personally and aimee too..

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