Caring For Your Leather Briefcase

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There are different types of bags that men can use such as backpacks and messenger bags but a leather briefcase is something that can be used for a very long time because of its durability. Furthermore, its style is timeless. If you work in the corporate world, you should have at least one, like for instance a Marc Jacobs Classic Leather Briefcase. However, briefcases are subject to moisture, oxidation, and abrasions so it is important to take necessary steps to take very good care of them. Cleaning your briefcase with water, soft cloths, and leather conditioners will maintain the briefcase’s appearance while preserving its soft grain and flexible texture.

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When your leather briefcase gets wet, blot the wet spots right away with a dry cloth. Do not rub it and have it air-dried. Condition the leather briefcase every six months by using a conditioning product that is used primarily for leather. Use a soft cloth or a sponge applicator to apply the conditioner. You should also wipe the inside of the leather briefcase at least once a month by using a damp cloth. Remember to store them in the closet when you are not using them, away from dirt and sunlight. It is best if you place them in a box or fabric bag. Also bear in mind that if you live in a hot and dry place, it is advisable to condition the leather every three months instead of six to keep the leather supple.

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