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“No Limit” Men’s Flat – Christian Loubountin Summer/Spring 2012 | ISTARBLOG & Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

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“No Limit” Men’s Flat – Christian Loubountin Summer/Spring 2012

December 22, 2011


To all kicks brands today, I must say I really look up to the brand ” Christian Louboutin” for men kicks. Because the brand had these doper kicks collection ever made on the entire shoes industry. However, this very recent, the brand had released their summer/spring “No Limit” men’s flat shoes becuase summer is fast approaching. But at this time, I don’t want their new high top kicks designs, becuase they been uses a lot of colors with it that can make the shoes really gayest. Bear with me then if I  said it so. Because too designs happening to this shoes that can make it over fashion and designs that most people don’t wanna, included me.

But of course, this was only my personal thought about this shoes, but rest assured people will find this new kick dope and hip. So I cant do anything as you find this shoes dope,right? so let you be. At this moment, I dunno how much the price of this kicks but soon enough I’ll update you the pricing details, please often visit this blog for the updates. Thanks folks and have a great day ahead.


One Response to “No Limit” Men’s Flat – Christian Loubountin Summer/Spring 2012

  1. maiylah on December 10, 2011 at 2:25 pm

    interesting pair!
    hi, am here via the $50 Paypal Giveaway, to join your site via GFC…but i can’t seem to find the widget. used two browsers (firefox and google chrome) and refreshed several times, but still nothing…

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