Uniform experiment x ENGLATAILOR by GB 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

 photo uniform-experiment-x-englatailor-by-gb-2013-spring-summer-collection-1_zps20a4c773.jpg

Yes! another collaborative pieces here. These tees or top are from the brand Uniform experiment & ENGLATAILOR for their spring summer collection for this year 2013. And it designed by the awesome GB. I must say, these tees are very light and it can bring really comfortable feeling on each of our end as we wears it. That’s why I really wanted to blog up some collaborative pieces here because they are the unusual awesome pieces or this limited edition that we fashion bloggers and even enthusiasts are looking forward to have.

Good thing that these pieces here are already available at SOPH STORE. Just heads up on the online shop and check to yourself on how much these tees will be cost you. Because I haven’t spare time now  for this to search over.. So please bear with me then..ahaha Alright, that’s it for now and if you wanted to know further details about this collection. Please do search it over Google because some blogs have it their full details about this dope collection. Thanks so much and have yourself a great long vacay..hehe 🙂

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