Wear the shoes you love


Occasionally, I also blogging some girls fashion topics in here to balance up my readers interests and to boost my traffic and such related matter. Anyway, this recently, Ive stumbled on this one site called footpetals.com , actually it is an online store where all the lovely killer heels are resides and selling. Yeah girls! if you needed any stilettos, wedge shoes and even insoles I may suggest you to check this awesome online stores and get your shoes there. Because as this moment, they do have this sale on going and I know most of you shoe addicts will definitely look forward on this site, I know right? because my sister is a shoe addict as well and she’s really pleased to buy some shoes on their site and even to recommend it also on her friends…lol

So what are you waiting for, girls?  wear the shoes you love and be more chic of it. By the way, footpetals.com can ship international too. specifically available on U.K., Australia, and Canada. So girls, this site is all for you and all orders are shipped out within 48 hours once order is placed..

Alright, that will be all for now and will also posting some pictures of my sister wearing her bought shoes on this site.. So – please, keep on checking this blog for the updates. Thanks and have a great day!

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