Big Bang 4th Anniversary Message to VIP

Not just Birthday of G-dragon that the group can celebrated with they did also celebrate their 4th years Anniversary as a group Big bang and on this specially day Big Bang Has a Messages To those Fans Who will supporting them since day been lunched …let all watch the video and sorry to those who doesn’t understand Korean because we wasn’t know what they been come up with..LOL try to find on youtube who has a subtitled English if your really insistently to know..;)

2 comments on “Big Bang 4th Anniversary Message to VIP

  1. wow! bigbang! i have a niece na patay na patay sa big bang…ginawan ko nga sya ng mga items sa artscow na puro bigbang ahahhaha wallet, relo, at mousepad grabe! anu b meron sa bigbang nto! ahhahaha =)) nweis pogi nmn sila. SO youre a boy blogger? =P
    nweis thnks sa dalw sa post ko =)

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