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When the summer season comes. I know most of you folks were to excited to wear off your swimsuits and even your light clothing. Because winter has too much already and being into a summer kinda weather is really a must look forward to. But you should have to consider in having the most fancy and trendy finds today for you to be looking fine and updated – and no worries, as this post tackles about the one online shop here called where all the latest fashion pieces for women were indeed listed out and even selling out in there very best reasonable prices. In fact, you can get a piece here as low as 5 dollars that is way too cheap than to the other same online stores out there. So, if you are on lookout for the finds to wear this summer season? You better to check this shop out before spending your hard earned money to those expensive ones that has the same quality and designs that africamall has to offer.

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Women Summer Fashion finds?

There are actually a new pieces that you can choose from with, as for your summer get up. But if you are looking for these most demand and recently mostly worn kind of piece for summer? I think you won’t go wrong in having the two piece skirt suit. Because this skirt is pretty comfy and at the same time pretty safe in any outdoor activities has it was made a skirt suit unlike when you having a skirt alone where you will have to conceal separately on your legs area just to be a prelim and proper. Hence, this two piece skirt is a nice pick for this summer season.

JurllyShe Cutout Front Cross Wrap Fitted Crop Tee-Black

JurllyShe Halter Cross Bandage Vest

In addition, if you were planning to have a casual day and wanting to have a ready to go to the beach kind of outfit? I think bandaeu top is a best to pair off with. Because this top is pretty simply and yet you can create your very own chic outfit through it especially if you knew on how you can style it for yourself. But the most safety bottom to have using this top was an high waisted shorts that is color white or a wash ripped short jeans for a perfect look.

And for those who likes to be boyish casual, as summer is all about comfortability, I may suggest you then to have any tank top. Because tank top is very light to wear and you can easily styled it in any bottom you have. It can be nicely done to your pants either to your short hence having this kind of piece for your summer wardrobe is really a must. Of course, all these finds, I’ve mentioned, were pretty available at and the good thing was, they did offer an international shipping hence whenever you are in the world they could get your pieces shipped out in no time.

Buying Casual Clothing Online?

V Neck Patchwork Printed T-Shirts

Buying clothes are sometimes a time consuming to do. Because it will requires you enough time to pick and select all the items or pieces you would like to wear off in any specifically occasions or gathers, especially for women’s end. Today, let me share with you this one online shop here called themselves as where all the trendy and in quality of women dresses were houses and listed for a very cheapest prices. You can check it yourself now by visiting the shop yourself for you to see on how great and fancy their each items selling there. To be honest, I was kind amazed on this shop because it’s my first time though in seeing a lot of casual clothing for women in their inexpensive prices because the usual pricing ranges to casual pieces were like about 100 USD per piece unlike in where you could get you a casual top for a minimum of 10 USD per piece.

Round Neck Print Sweaters

If you need a suggestion what kind of fashion pieces you should get that can get you being on trend today? well, I think casual blazers for women are always on hip these days. Because a lot of fashion bloggers and enthusiasts who follows these fashion icons most of the time were recommending these blazers to everyone which I think a pretty safe to acquired than to other type of pieces available online today. But if you shop over the store I’ve mentioned, you don’t have to worry at all because they were only selling the trendiest prices hence if you buy off any it will guaranteed you that you will be on trend.

Open Shoulder Plain Batwing Sleeve Sweaters

If you are not that fond in wearing blazers or if blazers are out of your personal styling. Then, I think a ladies t shirts that comes in different colors and styling that being sell out at is the best pick for you. In addition, these kind of pieces were ones the cheapest over their shop but at same time you can be looking so fancy as their tops were in quality and the designs are dope. Check all their tops at their shop today and see if something fits your personal styling.


BAPE & EA Sports Collection 2018

Images Credit To

When it comes t my fashion style. I really wanted to have some variant and quirky stuff hence the collaborative items are ones I really looking forward to. Hence, when these 2 giant clothing brand had released their collaborative items here, photos on top, they really gets my attention and decided to include them up here for my readers, you, to know on how dope these new BAPE & EA Sports Collection 2018 were.

To be honest, these pieces were should be released during summer ( on my opinion though ) due to the theme used to them. But I think they will also be fitted for fall and winter season as long you knew on how to style them well. And as I’ve heard, the Tshirt will be ranging to $129 per peice while the hoodies would cost you around $429 per piece as well. To learn more details about this collection here, you may check out either BAPE or EA main website as I know, as for this moment, they are pre-selling these items right here hence further details had been listed out already.

For availability, I encourage you folks to check your local stores of these brands as they might have these pieces selling already. If not yet, you can still get them over the brand’s main webstore to secured your piece. Go check them out now and see what additional details they’ve added as I didn’t know the further details yet as now. But rest assured that these pieces were already listed to their respective online shops.

Advice from the experts — what to look for when buying an expensive suit

Many occasions call for the purchase of a new suit. Perhaps you’ve been invited to a wedding, a christening or maybe you’re looking to sharpen up for the office. Either way, a suit should be viewed as a necessary investment. A cheap suit is almost guaranteed to need replacing in a couple of years, whereas well-designed tailoring can last you 20 plus!

So, what should you look out for when buying an expensive suit? And, of equal importance, how can other people tell that you’re wearing the best. CT shirts, experts in suit design, have created this guide to make your purchase the right one.

The materials

The materials that make the suit can be the determining factor as to whether your suit will last the test of time.

Look for suits that have been created with natural fibres, avoid those with labels that say it has been created with a wool-blend or man-made materials. Polyester, for example, should be avoided. It retains a lot of heat, is less breathable and creases easily. A suit with 100% wool is something that you should look out for — these suits are versatile and ooze comfort. For a lustre look, often silk or mohair (a silk-like material made from the hair of the Angora goat) is added and this gives a luxurious shine to any suit. For extra movement and comfort, a high-quality suit is often made with a small amount of Lycra and this improves its elasticity.

An indicator of the finery of the material is the number alongside the ‘Super’. The Super is a way of indicating that the wool is of high quality and the higher the number, the finer and lighter the cloth will be.

One thing that you might not consider is the material that your buttons are made from. Plastic buttons are prone to breakage and chipping — imagine if you brush against a wall or table, it will be the buttons that take the impact. Another high-quality material that is often used for making durable and long-lasting suit buttons is corozo nuts.

The design

The design of a suit determines how it fits your body and moulds to your shape over time, it is what makes the suit truly yours.

Often, it is down to personal preference what weave is preferred but some are considered higher end than others. The patterns are created in the suit by interweaving different coloured threads in different ways. The ‘twill’ weave is considered to be stylish — this has a diagonal line of raised fabric and a silk-looking finish. The ‘herringbone’ also gives a smart look— this is an intricate V weave that creates a smooth feel.

A canvassed suit jacket has been created so that it has layers of material that sit between the outer suit fabric and the inner lining. This tailoring technique helps the suit maintain structure and shape. What you should look out for is a ‘floating canvas’ — this is where the middle layer has been stitched to the fabric loosely so that the suit is able to mould to your body shape and move when you move.

The lining of the suit can be a giveaway as to how well it’s been made. Despite popular belief that an unlined suit is cheaper than a fully lined one, it actually takes more effort to create an unlined suit as the stitching and cut of the material is exposed. However, lined sleeves improve your ability to slide the jacket on and off.

The details

Even some shop assistants might not be aware of the tiniest details that can improve the quality of a suit. It can be the tailor’s own way of integrating quality into their work.

The lapels on a suit are the folds that sit either side of the opening across the chest. One detail that can indicate the quality of a suit is the lapel roll — this is the fall and curl of the lapel from the collar to the first button. If the suit is one of many rolled off a production line, it is likely that the lapel will be completely flat against the jacket and the roll will be almost non-existent. In a high-quality suit however, the lapel roll will look like it has been carefully curved — giving the jacket more texture and a better appearance.

The back vents on a suit can determine how easy it is for you to move around and feel comfortable in it. Choose suit jackets with twin back vents on the back of the jacket to improve its flexibility and range of movement.

Stalk loops on jackets are something to look out for too. This is a traditional tailoring feature which neatly keeps your flower stalk tucked away. Although it may not be a necessary feature for everyone, it shows attention to detail that’s likely to be an indicator of a good suit.

Examine the buttonholes. Cheaper suits can often have frayed buttonholes as they haven’t been stitched with delicacy. Small details like this are big giveaways as to how your suit has been made.


Big Bang’s Taeyang & GD x Vogue Korea March Issue 2013

 photo bigbang_zpsdae3ade2.jpg

 photo tumblr_miutw3rgWF1rcoad1o1_1280_zpsbdc89961.jpg

 photo 53624-big-bangs-g-dragon-and-taeyang-vogue-korea-march-issue-2013_zps8baa9c40.jpg

Korean artists are often featured in the Vogue Magazine these past few months ago than to the other well known persona or artists from the other countries such as Philippines, Japan and Thailand, etc. I know, Korea has a huge contributions in the world of fashion today because of their quirky styles and guts to wear all the unusual wardrobes that we could ever seen. I think that was the edge of the Korean when it comes to fashion.

Recently, the 2 main and leading Kpop artists today, Taeyang and GD – Big Bang Member, had seen in the Vague magazine March Issue 2013 , yeah! this post is quite late already but still I’ve decided to post it up for me to have an document on which kpop artists are got featured on the magazine this whole year 2013. By the next year, I’ll all update you here with all the artists they’ve got in all for the  vogue magazine month’s issues, as my compilation post.

I actually dont have any idea on these photos ads. I just only found them dope by styling themselves in this quite emo inspired looks. Nonetheless, they’re both awesome in whatsoever they’d decided to wear and in every ads they made up this year around. And am quite sure that most of you folks are starting off to find all these pieces, the brands of the pieces they’ve worn here, for you to mic mic the styling.


 photo 582140_550824004969405_872173690_n_zps9d22e194.png

 photo 923224_550824874969318_1084565880_n_zps14a1ec64.png

 photo 942325_550824098302729_154299566_n_zps88daf6f9.png

 photo 970669_550824594969346_651293820_n_zps63beb60a.jpg

I used to blog up this guys b2st for their musics and fashion statements on this blog,, often. Because look, they have the awesome styling in any appearances they’ve made. This actually an magazine photos for VOGUE Girl  that had been released last June 2013. And I must they are looked so dope here wearing these neon and bright pieces from their major sponsors. Sorry, I couldn’t able to named out their list of sponsors here or the exact brands where these awesomeness came from. Because I supposed to focused with on the magazine cover itself and to the concepts they’ve used to here.

I actually pretty envy on these styling because this really me, I mean this speaks with my style – though I used to like the plain dramatic styling like only wearing an plain tee and pair with it in plain colored shorts or pants. It’s kinda neat looking though but yet I think, I still prefer myself seeing on these colorful styling especially now we were having this summer season.

B2st is actually demand in their country today, Korea. Whether it’s on music or any related with fashion like posting for VOGUE Girl , ELLE and some sorted of magazine’s covers. They’re alike with the leading group called Big Bang which also I follow and amazed with on their deeds when it comes to their musics and fashion too. I will blog up about them ( Big Bang group) soon or they might be the next after this B2ST x VOGUE Girl. So – please keep on checking this blog for more Kpop fashion updates as well with other fashion news around the industry today.

Ps: These styling can be serves as lookbook as you, yourself didn’t know on how to style. 🙂

Got Some Great Products To Review

 photo parcels_zpsa79f8421.jpg

I am so lucky to be one fashion blogger who’s getting these brand’s products for free to review. Yeah! if you are a fashion blogger you might also gets some opportunities like get a chance to work with on these great brands online. Actually, I’ve already doing this stuff for almost 2 years now and I have done some outfit posts too through the products they’ve given me. You can also dig up this blog for those outfit posts I did for companies and brands, if  that you wanted it though to see.. lol

So – yeah! recently an Asian online shop called had contacted for collaboration which they’ll be sending out some products I wanted on their store selves that I’ll be also making review out of them ( it might an outfit post or just an site review) over here, I’ve chose these 2 pants and 2 tops , an blazer and a shirts, and soon you’ll be able to see me wearing these items for another outfit post.. I hope you can check out this blog often for you to see my future outfits posts and brand’s collection posts.

Alright, that’s it for now because I needed to contact the photobucket, photo storage site, for the issues I got this morning. Okay, thank you and have yourself a great weekdays ahead.

Big Bang x North Face



I dunno if I already blog this up on this blog,, or in my other blog. Anyway, here are the photo campaigns of the all boy Kpop group big bang for the brand North Face. I must say, these photos are great and its look like the guys are had fun shooting it, isn’t it? however, I just have this concern about the location of the photo shoot. Because it seems that they are in this high place or something place that is quite dangerous? I hope the guys wearing this safety knives for their safety.

As for now, I’d still don’t know if these pieces or collection are now available to avail. But no worries, soon I got to know further I’ll update you again in here. Okay, that will be all for now. Thanks!

Trends: North Face Jackets



We all know that I used to blog up some Korean fashion here especially the Big Bang fashion one because I simply liked how does these guys rocking their way by wearing these awesome outfits and statements when in regards to their fashion. Today, I was about to share to you what Ive found this recently which the Korean Boy Band Big Bang are the one endorser of the awesome brand called North Face for the Fall and Winter collection. Actually, I believed that this campaigns was done on last year campaigns but I am not still sure though about it. Anyway, check out the photo on top for you to see how the guys rock on the brand, North Face.

Also, Ive found their video on youtube for this campaign you may also check it out if you want to. By the way, there’s an north face jackets for women on sale going on to the nearest or brand itself inside the mall today. You can pay to visit as you wanted to be hip to on this fall and winter seasons.

Fashion News: Interview with Swavor Clothing ( )


Christofer Brito is so happy and fortunate to hold an interview to the one great new clothing brand called Swavor Clothing ( ). Check my interview below for you to know what’s stuff they’re still cooking for us all..

  1. Tell me about your self?

My name is Christofer Brito, I am the Artistic Director at Swavor clothing and the creator behind the  classic swavor logo.  It is always been an honor to be placed in such an important role in the brand. Especially because I consider myself a very big fan of what we do. I live, breath, and dream everything and anything that has to do with fashion. I am currently attending my 2nd year at the fashion school ESMOD RENNES, I’m proudly one of their first Cape Verdean students. I’m working towards obtaining my degree in fashion design and pattern making.

2. Where you guys based? Country and City please.

We are based in the USA the D.M.V (DC,MARYLAND,VIRGINIA) to be  exact. The brand itself was born and is based in the Maryland area in the city of Rockville.

3. Tell me about your company and the brand ( Please explain all in here, like when & where do you guys started, who with you with? and how many of you in the company( staff and team) also, who is the brain or the CEO of the company?

 Swavor stands for shiek,Wealthy, arrogant,victourious,original,retail.  The concept behind the brand was created by the c.e.o  of  swavor, Shek Tarawallie in the year 2010. At the time I had met shek in a community college in Maryland. The brand was still just an idea. Luckily I had the skills to give the brand the tools it needed to advance. I was quick to realize that Shek was a marketing genius who only needed the right people around him. Swavor started off with exactly 191 dollars and two shirts that would be later known as “the classics”. From there we started to build a buzz around our hometown in the dmv area.erviewThe swavor staff members consist of Brandon Gatling (a.k.a Concrete Jungle) who is our media director, Shek Tarawallie who is the owner and the brain of the company, myself, and of course our representatives all over the world. 

4. Your brand is mainly on? Example – Street fashion wear, high-end fashion and so on. And please do explain why have you chosen to be on that field, why not to the other line?

The whole idea behind swavor is what makes it so interesting. We want to bring street wear and haut couture colliding together. We hope to bring to the table something new and fresh that no one has ever seen before. With the help of Art and history we don’t only make a simple collection or just smack designs on a t shirt. We are able to give a history lesson on the great conquerors of the world, through the art work they have left behind. Ultimately we hope to create our own genre in the fashion world.

5. What is your edge, you think ( the company) to the other same brands?

We do things very differently; we never follow what the next trend is going to be, or what people are going to be wearing this season. At swavor we like to take our own path and choose for ourselves what we think the next trend should be. In return our customers and our loyal supporters know whatever product they purchase from swavor no one else will have. We never copy or imitate anything that a brand has already done, in that term you can say we are pretty ignorant.

4. Your brand looks so dope, where do you guys get all of your inspirations/ideas on these creations or pieces you’ve had made? ( and please tell me on what certain design of tee or any pieces you’d really liked and in what thing/s it inspired with) Please gimme the item link for this one, or better yet, send me over the photo/s

When we begin a collection, shek will always be the one to find the perfect inspiration. It usually comes from a certain painter, a certain time in history, or even the mood of the world. One of the best examples, is the “death of socrates”  t shirt which depicts the moment when Socrates was forced to drink the mortal poison.  This was a painting done by Jacques Louis-David who is best known as Napoleons Bonaparte’s personal painter. This was an idea that Shek came up with to incorporate art with fashion. It was one of our most talked about piece of the season, and a best seller. It was a genius idea that really set the stage for swavor. Another best seller and a piece that will always be known as a swavor classic, is “America by Christofer Brito”.Its a true collectors piece that is very limited and a real collector’s edition which makes it  very difficult to find. I designed the piece myself to simply pay tribute to swavors love for its country. I was fairly surprised by the positive reaction it received after its release. I can honestly say I wasn’t expecting it.


Morte de Socrates’ by Jacques Louis-David – $50.00



America’ By Christofer Brito – $59.99

5. Do you guys have account? if so, what it is?

No unfortunately we do not have a lookbook account yet, but It does look tempting. I will have to bring it up at the next meeting I have with shek.

6. Do your company get featured already? ( in the magazines or any form of media? if so, where it is? do you have any link on it? or at least a photo/s? if so, could you also send me over the photos or news paper scan photos if possible.

Yes, we have been featured on the Blueprint magazines next issue which should be in stores mid September 2012. Shek had the chance to conduct  an interview with them about the brand, which I do recommend reading if you like to know a little more. We are also featured in ESMOD Paris blog who wrote an article about myself and the brand. It is in French but you can run it through google translate in whatever language u require. We are expecting to be in a couple other fashion magazines and blogs very soon.


Check other Magazine interview here:

7. Do you guys have online shop/s and nearby / real stores? if so, what is the link and the where its located ( full address please)

We don’t have a store of our own just yet, but we do have our own online store. It can be reached at A second official seller of swavor online is karmaloop, the link is; If you ever find yourself in the Washington D.C. area we are in a sneaker boutique called kickk spott. Their address is  1436 WISCONSIN AVE NW; WASHINGTON, DC, 20007.

8. I’ve noticed most of your items are these men’s wear? (if I dont mistaken) Also, do you guys had plans to widen your market to girls fashion wears too?

We try to make our products unisex, so that both females and males are able to wear our cloth, and still be able to look great. Yes we are definitely looking into making cloth strictly for females. A swavor couture line is in the works at the moment as a possibility for the future. 

9. I know most of my readers would like to know your social media accounts and where they’ll usually find you, could you please list down all of your accounts? like twitter, facebook fan page, email, phone number/s and more..

Absolutely you can reach us on, , Feel free to contact us.

10. Do you ship internationally?

Yes we ship internationally; our team makes sure that the transactions are always safe and secure.

11. Lastly, what do you want to say to all of my readers? ( you can put and tell everything here, like, your current promos, new collections and all.

I just hope you guys are able to enjoy swavor and hopefully enjoy our next collection, which I think will be one of our most original yet to come.  We are appreciative for the support and thank you for taking the time to read this great interview. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have.

Brand Name: Swavor Clothing
Place of Birth: Maryland
Twitter: @SwavorClothing