Another Private Advertiser..

Someone Emailed me now and asking if i could do three sponsor post for her and i think ill doing it because i really need some extra cash now because christmas and parties is heading up to soon so i need some pennies to spend out for those fun parties who’ll be waiting me and the good thing was she asking me on how much do it cost and ill thinking now if i could price her a 20 dollars each post? what do you think? because she insistently want a review with a long write at least 250 words , ok let see if she can consider my price then, if so, that will be great.ok thats it for now and ill update you up on how we  can close this deal..

And to those walk in advertisers who you might want to get link or if you want me to write a review on your business,blogs or anything goes that you wanted to promote with, please dont hesitance to contact me on this email address “” for more information, ok, im looking forward on your offers soon..thanks a lot

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