A Creppy Email..

I Often published before about the theadnetwork that im belongs with and this recently, the said program and i are had this little misunderstanding because as i posted out my entry regarding on my payment delayed that i was thought that their program is getting or about to close now but im definitely failed on that by the way because they did paid me then as i posted yesterday..

Due with some panicking thinking when the time that i wasn’t receive my payment yet , ive been decided to asked the advertiser it self who has on the theadnetwork banners to made some sponsorship of course through out of my blogs, meaning i contacted the advertiser directly without any acknowledgment on the theadnework because as Ive said im pretty paranoid on that time..LOL and now ive been received an email coming from the thadnework and guess what! they knew that im trying to have a close deal on their private advertiser and they told me that if i pursue that kind of  activities they might remove me then on their network as they tell to their private advertiser that they wont consider me either..oh my goodness this made me nervous so hard..LOL and of course i emailed them back and asking from my apology on what been i made and i think so far so good then because they do reply me that they’ll look into my account and pay me as well on my referrals, what do you think? they’ll pay me on my referral then close my account after? ok let see as they email me again soon and no worries ill make you updated on this issue..thanks

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