Deleted My Fansite posts already!

LOL, yeah i think i need to have a very unique posts out here like what i have on my other blogs thats why ive been decided to deleted all of those not so unique one to start up a awesome and clean blogging like what i intended to do now on this blog, so yeah i hope my readers will love the new, though i know this may effect on my standing on google search engine but i am still pretty sure that i cab boost this blog in short of period of time so nothing to worry about guys and also if you dont seen your searched topics on this blog maybe that particular post has been included on those copied content one that ive removed due with my plans to this blog, so i hope you’ll understand on that and sorry for the inconvenience that Ive been made to your ends..

And wait last month i putted my travel category on this blog beside for being a fansite on that moment but still i am believing that i can make this a full blog like what i am doing right now and yeah you’ll see some of my photos and my travel experience to this renewed blog of mine..ok thats it for now and thanks a lot

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