Family Activities!

Yeah, as a family we often to go out just to have fun, we go to the mall more often, having a launch even dinner on our favorite restaurant and even quite sometimes buying some products that deal with, i think doing those things can really help us as a family to be more bond and paste to each and i think my parents did a great job and of course we wouldn’t forget to thank our GOD almighty who been given us a awesome life to this world and experienced such happiness that we were having right yeah let me share with you when we got off on our yearly religious gathering, you can see the photo below, how happy we are(me and my sister)

How we look at? honestly im quite laughing every time i seen this, why? because look at us we really look like a piggy pig right? because of that bulky faces that we have, ok i need to stop it or else my sister will punch me after she read this

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