Facebook Has a New Profile Interface

I often use my facebook account to update my friends activities and most importantly is to share what Ive been posted here and evenly on my other blogs to promote with and get some traffic out of it, yeah i really use social media sites to have a prospect visitor to each one of my blogs, and i think twitter and facebook is the best 2 place to do that, ok moving on the main the topic, as i opened my facebook account this a while ago one thing that Ive been noticed with which the new facebook profile interface because its changed a lot than the old interface and i think this new one can make my day quite dizzy because i find it messy on my end and i do believed that people who are on the new interface already might feels and notice the same thing that i did..LOL i hope facebook will turn off the new interface and get back the old ones for the better navigating purposes..ahaha ok thats it for now and let see what happen soon and  i might adept on the new interface as i often open it(think so)..thanks a lot and please do check my next post after this..^_^

2 comments on “Facebook Has a New Profile Interface

  1. agree to it! it is just so hard to use! they change it all the time. when ppl get use to one they change to a new one again :S so frustrating some time lol

    ♥ xxx

  2. Frustrating is right, I can’t stand how much they change it on us. I refused the new changes. Most people don’t even like it very much and recommend not doing so.


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