Waiting on my payment to be made..

Indeed, today is 11th of December and we all know as Ive been published way back time on how this blog  can earn on the monthly basis because of the program which can advertise on this page and yeah the banner that you can see on the top was the reason why i can get some pounds of it, actually its only 5 pounds per blog, yeah i am expecting that this program will be pay me today because they usual pay me by the 5th or 11th but now its already late night but yet still there’s no payment that will be added on my PayPal funds, i hope this will may made soon(payment) because im eager to cash out my money by tomorrow due with some dept that i need to pay off or else this internet connection will be put on hold then, my goodness gracious i hope i can pay on time now..LOL anyways let see maybe after an hour they’ll be sending out those payment..crosses fingers , ok thats it for now and yeah ill make an update if i got my payment then, by the way the program was indeed legit, so happened that they may have rather some late funding’s on their end..ok let see, thanks ^_^

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