How to enlarge your hips and thighs naturally

Statistically, two out of every five women gets the urge or desire to acquire large hips and thighs. Most make a mistake of doing it the easy way by using enlargement creams, plastic surgeries and drugs of the kind which might end up posing dangerous threats to their health e.g. skin cancer. However, women are encouraged by health professionals to get engaged in numerous healthy exercises which can also achieve the above. So, Following Women’s Health and Beauty Reviews will be very useful to make you more fit and healthy.

Donkey Kick

The above exercise will help you in getting larger hips and it will also increase and round your buttocks. It is a step by step exercise whereby you first get on all fours with your knees close together then put your legs in the same position by lifting it back. Ensure your thighs come parallel to the ground with your buttocks squeeze. Repeat it on the other leg then redo the exercise over and over for ten to fifteen minutes.
The above isolates the muscles at the buttocks.

Standing leg raise

Stand with one leg raised and put on your ankle weights. Stand in a doorway and hold onto either side of the top of the doorway to create balance. Put your feet together and stand upright. Your right leg should lifted to the side and remember to keep both legs straight. Your left legs should then be lifted as far as you can then easily and slowly lower it down to the beginning position. Repeat the whole exercise thrice with a minimum of twenty lifts on each leg

Lying down side leg raise

While lying down, do a side leg raise. Keep the ankle weights on and lie down on a comfortable ground on your side. Keep your body straight so that your legs are directly on top of each other. In this position raise one leg to the air as high as possible then slowly lower it down to the starting position. Repeat the exercise a minimum of twenty times for both legs.

Kneeling side leg raise

Get to a kneeling position still keeping you ankle weights on. Bend the right leg and raise the other off the ground as high as possible. Afterwards, extend your leg out to the side as far as you can go and hold it for five seconds. Then return it slowly to the starting position. Repeat the exercise while switching the legs for a minimum of five to eight times.

Side lunges for hips

Remove your ankle weights and stand upright with your arms on either sides of your body. With your back straight bend your knee at a ninety degree angle and remember the other knee is supposed to be straight while doing this. Take a few breaths and use your hips to stand up fast with your feet apart from each other maintaining a distance of three ft. switch to the other foot and repeat the exercise fifteen times.

All the above exercises can help you achieved the desired goals in three to four weeks if done strictly as instructed.

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