New Home!

I was planning to buy a new home now rather at least one apartment to be an independent guy though im just in my 20 age but yet still i do believe that living on the my parents house by this age are a sign for being immature, what do you think? well sorry thats how i look into,LOL yeah right now im searching for the better place wherein i can stay long time and i can feel this comfortably ambiance , i hope i can find such one soon and i know im some way my parents is truly proud off on me because by this young age of mine as they told me i had this dedication and strong altitude that they might worrying as i live independently thats why i really love them because of the support that they given to me and the trust that they showing me, no worries ill definitely look back to my family as i proven my self then along my way, by the way one thing that i am looking forward too for a apartment is this has a great comfort room because im really Ozzy on it, yeah though im guy i use to clean more often specially the comport room because it shows how kind of person you are as people seen your toilet room i believed! anyways thanks to by giving me an idea on how i can make my bathroom to be a great one, ok thats it for now and ill make you updated regarding this, thanks a lot

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