does theadnetwork pays on referrals? Referral

Im getting a good amount though each month to this program called theadnetwork and yeah i must say they are indeed awesome because they do pay me 5 British pounds each month in every blog that they been accepted to me and as for today i got an 6 blogs approved,LOL yeah im too overwhelmed om their program to the sense that they dont harsh you by asking a bunch of traffic that you have to driven away from their banners (as you get to them as a publisher), because as long as the banner is still live and kicking on your blog they’ll really pay you out each month,sounds awesome right? yeah it is i would say because im already 8 months to them but yet still they will not leave on paying me at least a month thats why i really love this program to death,LOL

But this recently i think there’s still some quite bad reputation inside the program when its comes on their referral thing because they do promised that they were paying each that we’ve referred a 10 pounds but yet still i cant get my payment over my 2 referral and i think i need to make some proof out it(that i do really referred) that ‘s why i made a screenshot that you may see on the top, though i emailed them 10 times now but still i cant get any response on how they could pay me rather when do they pay me..LOL ok thats it for now and let see if they do pay me for these..ill make you updated into this..thanks

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