Tips to Maintain a Perfectly Groomed Facial Hair

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To keep stubble or not to keep stubble is the question that confuses a lot of men. Long back, a clean-shaven look was accepted to be the signature of a well groomed man whereas a beard look was frowned upon as a sign of carelessness and caprice. Time has changed and so has the idea of stubble. From notch celebrities, corporates, authors to college students-everyone is upright about adopting a rugged, macho and intense appearance with facial hair.

  1. Regular maintenance

Once you decide to rock the beard look, you have to get your hands laid on a trimmer every week unless you want to look like a haggard couch potato who is too lazy to shave. Shaping your beard is an essential part of grooming. You can read amazing articles about the art of shaving at Groom and Style for a comprehensive research on the topic of beard growth and styling. Achieving a clean, edgy and dashing look with facial hair needs a wee hard work. Girls with a fondness for intellect over anything simply go weak on their knees for men with stubble. Isn’t that worth your time and patience?

  1. Shape it, trim it

Shaving off the excess facial hair from the areas outside the natural growth of beard is the hack. Begin with the lower part of the neck and top area of the cheekbones. This will help you to get a clean look and will enhance your facial features. Having said that, do not go overboard with shaping otherwise the stubble will lose its natural charm and rugged is best to use a shaving cream that doesn’t lather too much. For a smooth razor glide, scrub the dead skin cells of your skin with a gentle face wash before you start shaving. Then apply a shaving gel or shaving oil on particular reas.Leave it still for half a minute to allow the facial hair to soften. Now pick a razor or trimmer and glide it carefully in the direction you wish to. Don’t remove too much or you will spoil the entire look.

  1. Choose a right style

Choosing a beard style that suits your face cutting, hairstyle and personality is extremely important. Going wrong with this part can end up making you look like a bandit or ship wreck no matter how adeptly you shave. Decide your style according your face’s shape. The safest method is to try multiple styles one by one in order to come up with a perfect one. Grow a full beard and then start trimming in different directions in every two weeks. While shaving the cheek and neck lines will give you a more defined look, you can go playful with a goatee or absolute classy with a moustache and sideburns. If you have a long thin face, a full beard look will suit you the most.

  1. Having the right length

the length of your beard drastically impacts the way your stubble face looks. Too long facial hair makes you look puffed while too short simply fails add any spark to your overall look. The best part about beard is that even if you don’t like a particular length, it will grow back to its original form in just a few days. So, there is no bar in trying different lengths time to time. Groom and Style recommends you to get experimental with your beard and get a haircut according to it.

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