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Your prom is one of the special events while in high school. Finding a dress can be fun, and you can look for one that reflects your personality so that it is different from all the rest. Shop by style so that you can find the perfect dress to accent your neckline, body style and height.

Nude or Print?
When looking for a prom dress, you should first decide whether you want one that has a lot of color or one that has a nude effect. The color of your dress will help determine the color of shoes and accessories you will wear. Nude dresses often have colored beading or jewels on the top of the dress, and the rest of the dress is a beige or ivory color. Print dresses can be fun because you have several colors to choose from, and there are a variety of designs you can look for. Choose from an animal print with multiple colors or an elegant dress with variations of the same color.

After you have determined what color of dress you want to get, you need to look at the sleeves. Are you going to wear something that is sleeveless with a scarf or wrap, or will you get something that has longer sleeves in the event the evening is chilly? There are dresses with only one shoulder and dresses that have a sleeve design that makes it look like there is an entire sleeve when there is really only decorations on the arms.

The accents on the dress are the last things you will choose. Ruffles are an option if you want the dress to have bounce and volume. You can get a dress that is higher in the front with a lower portion in the back that extends to the feet. Choose a dress that has lace if you want something that is more elegant. Feathers are a fun option if you want the top in one color and the bottom in a different shade. After you have your dress, complete the ensemble with shoes and jewelry.

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