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CL in Tonbow

August 30, 2011

Koreans are into fashion these days. And one of the  proves was these group of artists(Kpop) that are wearing some quirky stuff like what CL of the girl group called 2ne1 wore to this photo. When it comes on Korean fashion, a lot of varieties that we can choose from, because Koreans are very versatile on their fashion pieces. To the sense that they can wear anything with confidence which the attitude that can made them as one of the lead fashion country these day’s on. Koreans are used to liked those awesome pieces that we cant image that can be wear off on the particular moments or events. Got what I meant? I hope you do, because I really cant explain what does things that are in Korean fashion that most people these days are getting craze.

By the way, CL is wearing the Tonbow cap on this photo, and if you wanted to have the same cap, just search on the brand name over Google and I was pretty sure that all stuff related on the brand even this cap will definitely all shown up. Thanks a lot and that’s what Ive got for today’s blog.

Dara and Bom on Blamain’s Black Tuxedo Jacket

August 15, 2011

We all know that I used to blogged the Yg artists on this blog, because I indeed liked their style and fashion sense on each one of them. Today, Ive got these 2 awesome girls namely Dara and Bom that I know you have knew them long time than me, because they’re the most demand artists on their country which on Korea belong on their group mate CL and Minzy as called 2ne1.

On these outfits, the both girl are wearing an Blamain Black Tuxedo Jacket that we expected at. Because these guys are used to wear the brand so often than into other brands, I dunno, why they likely the brand more than more. Maybe because the brand is the lead on the fashion industry these days? I dunno. Okay, On Dara’s Black Tuxedo Jacket it has a price of £1,379.00 , while Bom Black Tuxedo has a price of £1,148.00. These Tuxedo was really expensive that we cant afford with, yeah! I know,right? hahah alright, that’s it for now and will update you more soon. Thanks!

Photo credit:^_^

Teddy Park Outfit

August 8, 2011

We all know that Teddy’s musics are on the top spot on the music industry these days because of the uniqueness and the awesomeness remixed of his musics that has been sung by those great artists under the Yg entertainment. However, Teddy is not only into music but also on fashion. Yeah! he had a great fashion sense also, this how he shown on the photo on top.

Teddy’s wearing a balmain jeans on the photo that has a price of € 828.33, yeah! his jeans is indeed pricey. And a over whole plain white hoodie that I doesn’t know what is the brand and price of it, so please bear with me. But the kicks was from Adidas just check on the price on the nearest store where did you reside. Okay, that’s it for now and soon I’ll be blogging some sort of artists fashion but more in details not like this one. ^_^

Park Bom Rockin on Cheap Monday Charcoal Cut Dress

June 30, 2011

This really “DOPE” that’s why I posted this out here that the 2ne1 member Park Bom is wearing this awesome Charcoal Cut Dress from Cheap Monday. By the way this may only cost 47 usd, this really reasonable so get yours now.

2ne1 Quirky Costume

June 8, 2011

Koreans are indeed fashionable. Because as Ive seen any Koreans where do I residing a lot of them has these pieces to them that you can find it quirky to other. I dunno I cant explain it either.LOL Anyways, I just saw these 2 photos here that can merely proofs on how those Koreans are so vain and much intact to fashion. First thing that I saw this I just saw “WOW” becuase this was my first time then to see some group wearing this kind of stuff here.

Their costume is indeed awesome I must say. And the idea and concept are can be on the international fashion market. Okay lets compliment the 2ne1’s designer namely Gareth Pugh who did this awesome costume for the group.

Park Bom in Gothic print duchess satin dress by Alexander Mcqueen

May 18, 2011

Park Bom is use to wear dresses every time she will perform or will shown  in any TV appearances because maybe their wardrobe department inside the YG entertainment are seeing bom suits on these kind of outfits which indeed true I must say because she looked hot every time she wore this kind of dresses. Because its give accent or emphasis her Popsicle legs.

By the way this dress has a name of Gothic-print Duchess-satin Dress by Alexander Mcqueen and has a price of $11,647 Oh, my goodness this was really expensive to have. Yg Entertainment is truly rich by providing their talents in such expensive clothes like this one.

Dara “Zip Low Jean in See Through Women’s Denim” on Cheap Moday

March 7, 2011

We’ve seen Dara of 2ne1 wearing this hot pants that we don’t usually seen on the market, so yeah, I was here to be quite help on you then,where you guys could buy this same pants that dara wearing on the photo on top, the jeans has a branded name of cheap Monday, just head up in any cheap money online stores then search out the name of the jeans that I’ve been included on the tittle of this post and right there on, you may now purchase it. By the way as I know this jeans will be cost you 55 usd, just double check on it.

Minzy Outfit on Its Hurt MV

March 5, 2011

Late Holiday’s gift

January 9, 2011

Its already January 8, 2011 now but yet still someone gave me a awesome gift though its quite late then but still i really appreciate it because the person who gave me the gift was indeed sweet by remembering me and loved me a lot..LOL anyways ill upload my gift photo(s) maybe tomorrow because i was death so often now and i think my gift photo will save my day by tomorrow because as we all know i am aiming to blog at least one post a day to develop my archive as long as my blog stat as well and even my backlinks of course, i hope this may serve later as Google update and have my own page rank rather increase my page rank into a pr4 because right now im just had this pr of 2 that is quite good though but i am not yet satisfied on it at all that is why i extremely working out to this matter now..

By the way Dara of 2ne1 is currently  here in the philippines  and read my post about it here , so yeah thats it for now and i am looking forward for you to get back by tomorrow to see what the gift that ive been received off, ok thanks a lot and i need to end this up now..bye and had a great day ahead everyone

2NE1’s NEW MV “Don’t Stop The Music (Yamaha ‘Fiore’ CF Theme Song)

December 3, 2010

facebook is indeed best sources of my post and yeah i saw this new video of 2ne1 on one of my friend walls thats why i posted the video here because i do blog about yg entertainment artist to this blog, so yeah enjoy watching this new video..