Zumba Fitness on your Wii

Istarblog is blogging some information that you might find useful on your daily lives. And today I’m so pleased to tell you about this zumba on wii that was actually awesome, because this was my first time then to see an fitness Cd will go to Wii as an game. My goodness I have to get this at home so that I may enjoy my self out at the same time helping my body to loosen weights. Which I know most of you folks are looking forward too, right? so yeah, try to check the nearest stores on your place and get your on zumba fitness on wii.

Best Web hosting for your Fashion blog

As you planning to run one fashion blog like this, one thing that I was pretty sure that you’ll be needed to have with, which the best liable web hosting that may hold on your blog to be on the WWW. Because as you have this most relevant and up time web hosting, I guarantee you that you may put all of your things up without having any glitches and bumps through it that most webmaster problem due of their poor hosting.

And a hosting guide is a must for the hosting company that you are considering, why? because on this way on you can actually teach your self out on how you can run your own blog and how your can work on the cpanel it self that is needed because a fashion blog is needed a lot of tweaking and coding as you aiming to have this appealing blog with you that I know you do. So now start browsing your internet and check the best hosting provider that you can work with, for me http://webhostingrating.com is indeed awesome.

Jaden Smith Outfits

I found this photo on Google and I found Jaden cool on his outfits there that’s why I am including his here. Jaden Smith is wearing a Comme Des Garcons Play Black Emblem Cardigan ($360) and a Comme Des Garcons Play Heart Tee ($109) and he also had an (LV) Louis Vuitton belt and a pair of supra. This outfit is really DOPE for me.

Searching for some fine art painters

On my Recent post, Ive been tackled that i was quite artistic nowadays because i use to appreciate those Fine Art Paintings that Ive been seeing everywhere i am,that is why i am really looking forward that someday ill be going to Disney Fine Art Gallery just to see those well known artists works, i hope i could buy at least one good frame from there as a souvenirĀ  if ever ill be giving a change to go there too soon,crossed my fingers out.

Well, i think i have another frustration made here,alright let me think first on how could i make this happen on my way but for now let me leave this post out to work hard on my other blogs for the future plans that i was aiming now.

I am quite artistic

Nowadays, i just realized that having some art work on my room is the best thing that i could do,why? because this recently i saw on the news that san francisco art galleries are having a lot of good stuff their that can make me feel this envies, sorry to say,thats the truth though tarkay artist is the one that i was really looking forward to have but yet still ill be considering some cheapest frames and some sort of art work as to begin for collecting this kind of awesome things.

and as i have this things out soon, ill definitely share some photos on this blog for you to appreciate some art work as well. ok thats it for now.Thanks!

Having a Private Advertisers

We all know that having a private advertisers is really quite hard to figure out on how we can get at least one of them, so yeah i think time for me to share my personal experiences on how i can got my passed advertisers as i doing this stuff (blogging), actually i think im just a lucky one because my blogs doesn’t have any page rank on them but still an advertiser sent me a free gift which a designer flip flop, so how i can made that? the answer is a simply blog hopping, yeah while you are blog hopping i am pretty sure that someone look out into on how do you boost your blog and give you a reward after because as i asked my advertiser she told me that she just read some of my comments to those blogs that she followed with thats why she trying to make me happy by giving such gift..so awesome right? well it is..lol

And other thing was having a connection to those advertisers, like a friends, online buddies and it could be a simply group of people, why i would say that? because being friendly on this online world can be take you places because of the sincerity that you might shown to those people and in back they were include you in what they are achieving with..trust me these how its works..

Good to know my server is well fine now

im so happy nowadays because my server contacted me that their having a upgrade which can make our site fast and no downtime anymore and i hope this will last as i use the server of this blog and yeah the admin of my hosting is indeed great customer service because they do listen on their customers feedback and its help on their side that someone customer like me who commented them some criticism on their services can brings their business on the good path and i know as they listen us a lot of customers will do consider them now..

Too slow babe

my goodness as i opened this blog a while ago that will took me almost an hour one thing that ive been noticed with, what? my connection is pretty much slow than to the slowest turtle living to this world and i dont know if there some thing going on, on my server or just my connection is the main problem on this? ok ok let me check my hosting first, hmm done checking it, well as i see it the bandwidth is pretty wide and i think connection is messing here, oh lord please keep the signal inĀ  because i was intend to write a lot of blog post today and i dont wanna be get affected on this freakin signal, ok ok im in the hurry now let us talk later, bye for now

want to buy something new

yes im too frustrated now to buy new things online and it could be between ipad or iphone 4 because i thing a blogger like me really need any gadget who can get access us immediately whenever we are and i think this apple products is the best thing to have with, but the problem is i dont have enough money to buy them so,too bad on me because i was expecting that patu2blog will help me to earn through my blog by doing some task to them but they keep on declining this blog, oh lord jesus i hope they can consider me then after a month and half, ok ill make you an update as i get in to the program..thanks