Korean Fashion Statement

We all know that most Koreans are indeed fashionable because they usually have this skinny body ever, both guys and girls. I think because of the way they eat and the food they takes. Well, I just noticed most Korean men are mostly wearing this black pants and a plain white tee on their top, and they will be then pair it into any vest that is suits to them. And also a bag to make the whole wardrobe look dope. I think Korean fashion statement is this? I just noticed it though, and even here, where I did resided a lot of Korean men are wearing this kind of outfit these days, maybe this outfit is now a trend on their country? not sure though. Alright, let me check on some other fashion site regarding this and will be then update you for further info and tips. Meanwhile, you can mimic this outfit now and let see if you would look like a Korean. hehe

Teddy Park Outfit

We all know that Teddy’s musics are on the top spot on the music industry these days because of the uniqueness and the awesomeness remixed of his musics that has been sung by those great artists under the Yg entertainment. However, Teddy is not only into music but also on fashion. Yeah! he had a great fashion sense also, this how he shown on the photo on top.

Teddy’s wearing a balmain jeans on the photo that has a price of € 828.33, yeah! his jeans is indeed pricey. And a over whole plain white hoodie that I doesn’t know what is the brand and price of it, so please bear with me. But the kicks was from Adidas just check on the price on the nearest store where did you reside. Okay, that’s it for now and soon I’ll be blogging some sort of artists fashion but more in details not like this one. ^_^

Yearning of the heart

A minute ago while im on Youtube a familiar song has been played automatically and i think i clicked somethings else that i wont noticed with, this song yearning of the heart, if you could remember, this was the one of the Tv series Boys over Flower background song way back time and i wasn’t know that this kpop group AST’1 is the one who sung this(now i know..LOL)..ok just want to share this video to you all to reminisce your crazing on the Tv Series before..LOL thanks a lot

F1st Is the New KPOP Group??


This Was the new KPOP Group? sorry i never heard about them i just saw them on KPOP.COM when im browsing the site, anyways i know this group will be a big thing soon so i better to post them out as early as now..LOL this group are composed of 4 beautiful girls and 4 men and as i watched  their debut MV which the You Like Me,I Like You .. i seen that they been exploring some dance routine like ballet and other jazz dance i think..:)

Korean POP Goes Globally Because Of Social Media

Time.com Wrote about Kpop That they see it globally soon because of social media campaign , yeah social media is one of the most powerfully source to reach out people around the globe like facebook, blog like this and such any and we all know kpop has a great material to offer to us thats why other nation really appreciate what are those kpop shared in music industry though we cant understand whats the entire meaning of their song but through melody i believed people can understood quite a bit

Read the full entry through Time.com it self over here Korean POP Goes Globally

Rain And U-Kiss Live in Manila For Intensity With Christian Baustista

Intensity Featuring Rain and U-Kiss With Christian Bautista

Korean Super Star Rain And one Of the Most in Demand Kpop  boy Group in Korea Which the U-kiss are having a Intensity Concert in the Philippines  this coming September 11 2010 with a specially guess Christian Bautista  @ SM Mall Of Asian Grounds ..See Poster For the details Or Call Ticket world @(02) 891.99.99 or visit www.ticketworld.com.ph Philippines and you can buy Tickets in any SM Customer Service booth..