Should you claim a Verizon FIOS coupon?

Verizon is one of the hottest entertainment providers right now. It provides both internet and television. A Verizon promotional code would benefit you greatly. But before you claim it, you should do an analysis of the kind of service Verizon provides and match it with your need.

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What Do You Get?

Verizon’s biggest merit is its super fast internet speed. You need to think about your Internet usage. Do you use it as an average person would, or do you use it a lot? Average use would include random surfing, a game or two, social media, news, a few videos, looking up the odd recipe or two. Extensive use would include working from home and using the Internet in the process, for example. If you are a Netflix addict and view it for a lot of hours a day, then too you would be an extensive user. If you are addicted to YouTube or online gaming, you are an extensive user. Any activity which causes you to use the Internet a lot would come under this. If you come under the category of extensive user, you can easily choose Verizon as your provider. As an average user, if you really want lightning fast Internet, it is a good option. Television broadcast provided by Verizon is good enough, nothing exceptional. In fact, you get what you pay for. There are many providers who actually charge for more data than you consume. You can check this by verifying usage from the device versus what you actually get charged for. Verizon keeps it simple and you will be able to enjoy your money’s worth.

Getting the best

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