I’ve Got Paid!

Finally after 3 days of delayed, my payment on my monthly advertisement  banner was arrived today and yeah i really appreciate it because i thought the program is now ending up and doesn’t pursue their advertisement towards on my blogs but im just luckily enough to received such payment that ill be waiting for anyway..LOL yeah i think their advertisement will be last on this blog because they’re still accepting new blog though on their program, thank God maybe they just got some issues inside the company thats why they delayed on paying me this month, ok from now on i know that sometimes they’ll be having some delaying payment over them and avoid by being so paranoid and panicking about my payment though..LOL

By the way i got 40 pounds from them this month without doing anything just to placed that awesome banner on the top, wow this was a great deal from a blogger like me and yeah you can also apply on their program by heading up here http://theadnetwork.co.uk but before that you must read this first http://istarblog.com/personal/does-theadnetwork-pays-on-referrals to get buzz about them..ok thanks a lot

One comment on “I’ve Got Paid!

  1. wow! congrats! stop being paranoid kasi, buti dumating naman ang payment, na delayed lang daw kasi nag Christmas party sila neh. Haha! sana matanggap din ako dyan. hopeless na ata ako dyan na matanggap eh. 🙁

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