Changing My wp-content

Recently i moved to the new server due with some often down time that ive been experiencing on my former hosting but now i feel this convenience and fast load of this new hosting under hostgator, anyways as i moved out one thing that ill be worrying about which my pictures on my library because most of my post are composed on images that keeps the post lively i must say but when i transferred already to this new home one thing that ive been noticed with that my images on the particular post was indeed missing thats why i heads up on Google to find out on how to reinstall them out to the new hosting and i found out the the wp-content is the one handling all of the files which can bring this blog totally back, so yeah with the help of my friend i knew on how to back up it and transfer it to this new one, ok ill do it after i posted this so that you may see again as you come back those pretty images are gone back and kicking you out once again and i hope i can do this without having troubles and anything or else this may give me again another stress and tiring tweaking on my goodness i dont want to get experience it again wherein im moving more than 20 blogs in one day such horrible im telling you..

ok ill get back for an update as i made this successfully i hope i can,crosses fingers ok thats it for now and thanks a lot anyway its already late on my time now maybe by tomorrow you will see then my update..thanks

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