I want my own garden!

We done renovating our garage. Because we seen some damages on the floor due with some reasons that we haven’t know, well thats good though because we indeed pay attentions on it. On the not so often use place on our home, so yeah we put some tiles on and we paint all walls then, in short total make over on that simple garage and after the wok done. We seen the place awesome and looks more lighten now than before but i think there’s something missing on it, which having some plans or any flowers on it? but wait, how we can put some flowers and plans if the garage was made by tiles?hmm let me think first!

One time i seen this blogger that he’s telling about the Artificial flower and Artificial plant that they made for his own place and yeah i find those artificial one cool to have with, that is why now i am seeking for those flowers that is never been died. because i know having a cement house(like we have) is i quite tiring to see because there’s no such green elements on the house who can gives such awesomely feeling to the house owner’s end. Now i am planning to put some of those plants soon and i hope mother will agree with, that i think she is because she use to like flowers nowadays, alright thats it for now,thanks!

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