I want a chic grave

It is given that all us peeps will leave this sinful world in God’s time, but I was thinking as early as now,that I wanted to have this very chic memorials grave with me then as I passed away pretty soon,nope not pretty sure better yet as I finished my life missions then.lol a lot of people are having a hard time to think that they will gone to soon as well,maybe because they might afraid because they got this too wanting things in their lives that yet still they don’t reach out with, I dunno what most people reasons but I think , considering your memorials is the best thing to o as early as now so that you’ll prepare whats gonna happen tomorrow.

Me,right now, I was planning to get my memorials services plan though I’m here kicking and strong but to assure is great,right? And I hope will have this chic and quirky grave with m then as that time happen.

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