How To Clean And Care Your Jewelry?

Women have a special place for jewelry in their lives. After every occasion the first thing they do is wrap their jewelry or clean them and keep in a case. Not necessarily, it should be expensive to protect and care for them, because if that is your favourite set of jewelry or matching on some dresses than it must be kept with special care. Many a times women visit a jewelry store to get them washed or polish their jewelry. Taking care just doesn’t mean to keep them clean , it also stands for protecting them from theft.

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Here are few ways to protect and care your jewelry:

  1. Make sure they are in your safe: Every night or before leaving your homes check the lockers and carry your keys with you. Always see to it that none of the outsiders find out where you’ve actually kept your jewelry. Only the nearest family whom you trust most should know it , if necessary. Do not keep your locker keys anywhere you want carry them with you or keep them in a secret place. Make sure not to keep your jewelry in glass jewelry display case as it is kept in stores.


  1. Do not let moisture stay on it: While keeping them in cases , remember to wipe them with a dry cloth to ensure that the jewelry has not left with any kind of moisture on it, since if the water stays and when it comes in contact with oxygen it may form a layer or spoil the polish of your jewelry.


  1. When you should not wear them: Keeping them on you all the time is not preferable, atleast avoid them wearing at few instances like while doing your household. For example : While cooking, the steam and vapors of different spices may sometimes let them fade off. While washing clothes, the detergent you use have different composition of chemicals that may take off the shine your jewelry possess. While Swimming, chlorine powder is mixed in the pools for every now and then to keep the pools clean, if you swim with your jewelry on, it may react with chlorine and may cause damage to your jewelry. While Sleeping, Every woman have a different posture of sleeping, if you are not a in a position sleeper than better take off all your jewelry while on bed and can wear them the next morning.


  1. Cleaning your jewelry: There are many homemade methods to clean your jewelry like using toothpaste and keeping them in boiling water, but these methods are not good for all types of jewelry since it may lead to damage. Opting a professional polishing is also not very good , since they may shine your jewelry but scratch them a little. Use of ammonia is preferable to clean diamonds and rubies.

It is recommended to go the jewelry store you have brought your jewelry from to clean them up.

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