Team B of WIN performed Baby By Justin Bieber ( Korean Version )

This isn’t my first time actually to heard an Korean version of this song of Beiber entitled Baby. Actually, most Korean artists converted or got them own version of some of these well known English songs like this Baby which I recently heard from this so called Group B of the TV show called “WIN”. I simply found this version great and dopeness happening to it. Look, they’d either added some rap in it which made the song more lively and catchy in away through the arrangement of the song itself. Though I really cant understand the Korean language or Hangul and yet it still like understandable on my end because of their way to sings it, also, as we all know that song or music is our international language already.

Alright, I just wanted to share to you this video though I haven’t got any further details in hand yet regarding it even on their currently running TV show now up there which the “WIN”. However though, as I got time these days ahead and as I fond myself for searching details about the TV show. No worries, Folks! I’ll surely update you all in here as you, yourself look forward to know the show they’d having these days at their country, South Korea.

Thanks so much and I hope you’ll have a great weekend and start the weekdays with an happy hearts. 🙂