Trends: Fake Tattoo


Nowadays, there’s a lot of new things in the world of fashion for both men and girls. Because fashion these days are keep on evolving and its openly to the other way or things that can be sudden turns into fashion thing rather a piece. And one of it was this fake tattoo thing as your accessory. Yeah! you’ve heard it right, that they’re some things called fake tattoos that you can use to rock your own self. Actually, at the first Ive heard this fake tattoo, I really never imagined on how does it work and how to put it on your own self rather skin, however, this recently, one company ( that has this fake tattoos sell on are contacted me and willingly to give out some sample for me to try on. So – yeah! soon, I’ll update this post regarding on how to use the fake tattoos! this pretty exciting, right?

Anyway, on the other fashion news, do you know this fashionable garage floor coverings that people are used to get craze these days? nope? okay, let me tackle this one by my next post, so please keep on checking me here for more updates and exciting things happening inside and outside the fashion industry.