Visvim Denim Shorts : SOCIAL SCULPTURE 99 DAMAGED-8


Actaully, I am not really familiar on this brand,Visvim, so happened that I just found their pieces dope specially on this awesome denim shorts called SOCIAL SCULPTURE 99 DAMAGED-8. Yeah! this shorts is indeed quirky and has its own designs that never been yet seen to the other brand’s shorts denim. That’s why I simply loved this Visvim Denim Shorts.

Regarding on the pricing details? hmm, well, as I randomly get this online. I really dunno as for now on how much this shorts will cost and where specifically stores where we could buy this. However, soon I got to know further details about this shorts, of course, will update and let you know to this blog, So – please, keep on checking my latest posts for you to be updated in the happenings inside the fashion industry today..heheh Thanks a lot!

Oh wait, Ive already blogged the brand,Visvim, shoes here ..LOL