Bose soundlink mobile 2

I am not into music actually. But since mostly of my readers are wanting to know some of, I’ll then tackling some in here now. Then, I am thinking off of having an series of post to fill up just for the music posts related But I dunno though if that’s really works, I’ll think about it first then let you know once Ive decided. Okay, this recently a reader of this blog had emailed me and asked me if I knew any online stores that has this bose soundlink mobile 2 selling over. I did researched for awhile but it seems no one is fond of having this stuff on their store’s shelves, might the item is rare and not that demand in the market today hence no one is like selling it over their own store. So guys, if happened you knew any could you just please help us by dropping an comment below for me to send the details to the person who needs it. Thanks and have yourself a great weekend.

All great finds at

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I know everyone’s pretty excited already for coming holiday season . Might most of you too are so much fond of buying some sort of quirky things to give out for your friends and relatives for this holidays, right? I might as too. Actually, there were some online shops that can give you all the great finds that you needed from kids section going to the apparel of tough guys. Yes! mostly guys are hard to find when it comes to giving present because we all guys wants all the things that are usual and we really loves these staff that are related to a toy or sorts like that.

Recently, as I roaming the web, Ive got to lurked on this shop called where all the guys things were listed and one of the item caught my attention was this mini electric helicopter which are pretty decent to have for this Christmas season, who knows I might got it then soon, right? as I wrote this post here.. ehhe Also, the shop got all the military gear that we guys are surely loves to have as we dreamt off to be tough as we can. They’ve got this swat kinda of vest and pants with goes along to some real survival kits for camping and training. I think, you should check them out because all of their finds are truly usable thus the prices of each items were indeed reasonable, Best deals are always need to look forward to.

Also, if you want to be updated on their latest news, promos and new items “in”. I encourage you then to like them on Facebook hence you should updated yourself often. You can heads here:

Convert Fashion Videos with Movavi Video Converter 

Do you have your fashion videos? Are you having a problem playing them on devices? Movavi Video Converter for Windows is what you need. You can enjoy all your selected videos on different gadgets. All you have to do is convert video files and send them to the specific devices. Moreover, you do not need to be a geek to so it. It is so simple with an easy to understand interface. All your video files will be converted in minutes and you can choose all the video formats you want. It really can’t get any better than this. Movavi Video Converter can be installed on Windows Operating Systems like Window 7, Windows 8, XP and Vista.

The Features of Movavi

It is amazing software which can convert any file format and so you no longer have to worry about compatibility. One of the amazing features is that it can extract audios from videos. This means that if you only need the audio file of your fashion videos this software will get you just that. It is also very fast and with a good interface for ideal usability. This means that if you have so much to convert you will take just a few minutes. It is an all in one compression solution. As if all that was not enough Movavi can convert video files from 2D to 3 D. Just before you convert you can add different transitions into in between the clips.

When your video formats are in MOV, WMV, MP4, FLV and many more. You might also be having less common formats such as DivX, Xvid or VOB which can all be converted. When you want to convert video files keep in mind that the size of the video will determine how long you have to wait. Now you can play your fashion videos in players like Windows Media Player and iTunes. With this you can convert them specifically just for iPod or other MP3 players. Some fashion videos might be in DVD format and making you all worried. This will be easy. You can simply extract the videos as well. With Movavi no conversion is impossible.

Fashion videos need so many edits. There are advanced settings on the software which allows for audio and video codec adjustment. You can set bitrates, frame rates and more. If you are a novice user you might not know about these features but you will get to learn about their usage as. You can change video contrast and brightness before editing. Since fashion videos can also be used as for photos you can export images formats such as PNG, GIF, JPEG and BPM. It shouldn’t take you many minutes to hang off the software as the features are self explanatory. If you have any questions on how to convert video files you can reach the company on live chats and emails. Movavi site also has tutorials on how to use the software and you can also get help on FAQs.

Musée Noir 2015 Spring/Summer “NOMAD” Lookbook

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Recently, the London based brand Musée Noir had releases it’s Musée Noir 2015 Spring/Summer “NOMAD” Lookbook for us to see on what we should expect from the brand’s up coming collection. I simply liked their pieces and how they styled them. Because it’s plain and yet it has this elegant looking to it,  which I think other called it as : normcore. And this normcore really evades that fashion scene these days and eventually  ( I supposed) this kind of styling will be adopt not just the westerner but also us Asians.

 photo musee-noir-2015-spring-summer-lookbook-10_zps1jq9h3su.jpg

I know other aren’t fond wearing these kind of pieces here. But I think you should then consider now. Because as we all know fashion changes to fast most especially on this generation where young ones aren’t afraid to express themselves by wearing quirky pieces like this one. Hence, we should be partake in away by simply getting ourselves in to what’s new and hot these days especially on the fashion trends.

 photo musee-noir-2015-spring-summer-lookbook-5_zps2n8avvyg.jpg

Regarding on the availability of these pieces from “Musée Noir 2015 Spring/Summer “NOMAD” Lookbook” sorry then. Because at the moment, I haven’t heard any update on when they’ll be going to release these pieces to the market to avail but as I’ve sees an update from their website or as I’ve got an update email. I’ll definitely update you all here for your convenience.

Magic of MR8

Are you into music? if o, you might know already what this awesome mr8 can do better as you have it with you, right? hence why you are holding back on getting one? I hope you’ll find your courage on getting one No worries about the price then. Because as I’ve heard, musicians friend’s shop got some mr8 on sale today that wont break your pocket that much. hence, you better hurry now..

Choosing Fancy Costumes

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There are a lot of ways to come up with unique and creative ideas for a costume without breaking the bank. You have to first find your own style and choose something that will showcase a side of you that people do not normally see. To discover your style, think of the type of clothes that you wear everyday and what is comfortable. You also have to keep your favorite colors in mind and do not be afraid to mix and match. You can likewise think of the costumes that you wore before and turn those costumes into a different one. Always choose costumes that will show your personality.

Since costumes can be very expensive, it is essential to have an idea on what you would like to spend. Something with a shirt, trousers, wig, hat etc. is a good deal if you get everything for a single price. On the other hand, a single dress could cost the same amount as that deal so you have to decide whether or not it is worth it and is within your budget. Try to look for items on sale and if there is none, use coupons and gift cards.

There are online stores that specialize in selling costumes and one of the more popular ones is Smiffy’s. Established in 1894, it has become a global company with offices all over the world. They are the leading fancy dress, Halloween, and Carnival manufacturing company in the UK. They have nearly 3,000 products stocked all throughout the year and have approximately 2,000 new products every year. All of their costumes are available in up to 7 sizes. Some of their item categories are Smiffy’s Fancy Dress (Adult, Around the World, Cops and Robbers, Cavemen and Women, Neon Nights, School Days etc.), Hosiery and Footwear, Jokes and Novelties, Lingerie, and Wigs. They also have Licensed Fancy Dress with iconic characters like Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Thunderbirds, Flash Gordon, Bananaman etc.

Avid pro tools 11

Firstly, sorry for not updating this blog for quite a while now for the reason of am now getting busy on my offline life which made my online errands gets set aside, but I am trying it though to get it back online as much as possible but it seems I need to attend my daily grind first before I can sort out my online stuff, But probably next week, I hope so, I can update this blog for some personal and new experiences that I’ve been to these past few months.

Anyway, I just made this post up to ask if you knew any avid pro tools 11 that re selling over for the cheapest price? if so, please leave the online shop below, yes! I’d prefer online shop than to mortar stores because like what I’ve said, I am so busy to do shopping and kill the time walking at the mall hence the best option to make was to buy it off online.. hhehe Okay, that will be all for now and I look forward on your shop suggestion soon..

What to wear on a night out to a casino

 photo casino_zpssuaim2pb.jpg

As casinos are becoming more and more popular more of us are faced with the dilemma of finding something appropriate to wear. Renowned for being glamorous, and often enforcing a dress code, a night out in a casino requires dressing up. Whether you want to go all out and wear your diamonds or your finest suit, the key thing to remember is: glamour. If you’re looking for outfit inspiration, here are some of Hollywood’s suggestions for casino appropriate attire:

A pop of colour in “Last Vegas”

This 2013 comedy starring Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline is the perfect example of dressing smart for the older gentleman. Decked out head to toe in stylish suits in a variety of colours, these men know that they can still have a little pop of colour without depending on a tie or cravat. Whilst it’s a good idea to practice online at the likes of before you go to a Las Vegas casino, there’s a less ‘relaxed’ dress code at a land-based casino!

Casual and relaxed in “The Hangover”

This legendary Las Vegas comedy starring Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis and Ed Helms provides the perfect example of what to wear in a less formal casino. A more relaxed environment calls for a less formal dress code. You might want to try and look a little less dishevelled than them though! For the ladies, a gorgeous maxi dress paired with some wedges would be a comfortable yet stylish look.

 photo 1436317174_c645eed323_z_zpsafc6bia5.jpg

A Savile Row suit from “Casino Royale”

The words “The name’s Bond, James Bond,” are unlikely to be spoken by somebody wearing a cheap tracksuit. Similarly, the lady on his arm tends to be dressed to the nines and “Casino Royale” is no exception to the rule. If you’re lucky enough to be playing the cards in the likes of Knightsbridge, Monte Carlo, or Paris you will definitely want to consider splashing out on a tailor made suit. Sadly not everyone’s budget can stretch to those prices and thankfully there are cheaper alternatives available that look just as good.

Cocktail dress perfection in “What Happens in Vegas”

Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher are thrown together on a drunken night out in the city of sin and (shock horror) end up married in this classic comedy, “What Happens in Vegas”. In a gorgeous cocktail dress, Cameron Diaz’s character dances the night away with her friends. This is a timeless wardrobe staple that can easily be dressed up or down depending on the circumstances; ASOS are a good place to start looking with over 300 styles currently on sale.

Buy the most needed musical tool

Have you wondered what is the most musical tool you should be have as you professional or by hobby musically inclined? Well, I think you should have this 3 5mm to dual rca with you, as always. Because this little guy takes a big part on the sounding of you instrument, whatever it could be, it is also uses to find tune the instruments thus it is the most and much needed as you have any instrument to play. You can check online for further details about this tool and you’d probably amazed in away on how does it works like.

Online shop for musical instruments

On today’s generation. People were fond on learning new things and one of it was to know on how to learn at least one musical instrument. Others got their interests when they taking up their music class while others just wanted to learn any just to be ‘in” for today’s hip. I think, whatever it was and what things made you realized to learn any musical instruments, it is better for you to have an tool first, I mean choose an better instrument to start with. But if you were asking me in which one is fine and has only basic features that can easily to understand. I think, this d28 is the best. Because D28 is available anywhere and you can neither have it in an very reasonable price as you buy it online. Check some online shops today for the pricing details.