OLX’s TV Ad Campaign – Where Buyers Meet Sellers

Online classified sites have become a sensation on the internet. No longer are they restricted to the developed nations as they are sprouting up and gaining strong footholds in emerging economies too. You can even buy second hand kids products for sale online. What makes such sites so successful is the fact that the entry barrier is low, which allows anyone to post an advertisement for free and grab whatever is on offer.

OLX is a worldwide famous company with headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina and New York City, USA. It has a strong foothold in over 40 countries and caters to most of its customers in their local languages. The online classified site ventured into India in 2006 and soon created a strong platform for itself. The company then broadcasted its first series of TV advertisements in 2011 with the tagline “Bech De” or “Sell It”. The aim of the company is to provide a simple and efficient platform to its consumers to sell their stuff and also to buy products that have been put on sale by other users.

Unlike its numerous competitors, OLX has identified television as a great medium to increase its popularity and make it famous amongst the masses. These series of TV advertisements are themed “Yahan Sub KuchBikta Hai” or “Everything Sells Here”. They focus on the normal life of an average Indian and how they use OLX to make their life so much easier. Laced with humor and without any celebrities, these series of commercials have generally received a positive response from the masses. They have also tremendously increased the number of visitors to the site. You can also watch these advertisements if you stay connected.

Watch OLX Old Promise TVC:

The main aim of the OLX TV campaign is to strengthen its “Bech De” or “Sell It” proposition. If you still haven’t watched these commercials, you will love the innovativeness shown in the company’s TV ad campaign that delivers the message and encourage people to sell and buy products via OLX.
OLX is a great and reliable way to sell and purchase products. There are loads of benefits of OLX from both a seller’s and buyer’s point of view. You don’t have to pay commission to an agent for a deal. You can also meet the individual in person who is selling or buying a product and negotiate the price on your own. You can also easily buy property, pets, second hand cars and loads more stuff at affordable prices.

Protecting Your Leather Frank Wright Shoes

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Although I am a laidback type of guy who prefers to hang out with my friends in casual clothes and comfortable shoes, I do not limit myself to buying just one type. As a matter of fact, I have a mini collection of shoes that a lot of my friends and relatives are envious of. I also have a few pairs of leather shoes that I give careful attention to because they are quite expensive and I want them to last for a long time. Leather shoes are sensitive to water and chemicals, thus it is prone to damage. There are simple ways however to ensure that your leather shoes are not just well protected but clean as well.

It is advisable to apply a water repellent on your leather shoes before you wear them because water can really do a lot of damage to your shoes. When it comes to polishing, choose a color that is the same with your shoe color or else they will get stained permanently. Also use a cream based polish instead of the liquid one. So as not to affect the quality and texture of the leather, do not go overboard with your polishing. It is a must to use a high quality leather conditioner on your shoes for them to stay shiny.

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Another way to protect your leather shoes is to choose the right protectant. Keep in mind that different weatherproofing products serve different purposes. Use a beeswax product instead of a protective spray. Probably the most important tip is to not use your leather shoes during bad weather. With these things in mind, you will definitely be able to use them in a long time.

Shopping for leather shoes is likewise easy when you know where to shop for the best. Established in 1885 in London, Frank Wright Shoes up until this day, sells trendy footwear that combines classic designs with modern styling. They have a wide variety of shoes (leather, suede, Brogues, Razor Sole, and Canvas) and Boots (leather, suede, Work Boot, Chukka/Desert Boots, Razor Sole, Canvas, Chelsea Boots). There is definitely something for everyone.

Among all the shoes available, my favorite is the Frank Wright Fry Black Leather because I can wear it with just about anything. I can pair it with pants/chino pants for that formal look or with shorts for a casual, laidback style. It has a traditional brogue design and fry multi eyelet with lace-up shoe style. This shoe sells at an affordable price and can be worn everyday.