Know The Perfect Dress For Your Kind of Body

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Beauty pageants are fun for many women, and for some, they’re almost a rite of passage. Pageant gowns run the gamut from fun and flirty to seriously formal, and depending on your age, body type, personal preference for style, and the type of beauty pageant you’re going to be competing in, you may find that one or more of the following tips will help you select the perfect gown. And remember, you can browse beauty and wedding magazines for ideas, send away for catalogs if you’d like to immerse yourself in hundreds of possibilities, and window shop both online at, and offline for ideas.

Go with an age-appropriate style.
If you’re a tween or teenage girl, stay in the range of pageant gowns that are suitable for your age. Short sleeveless numbers may work if you pair them with a wrap, but stay away from deep v-neck cuts as well as long formal gowns that look as though they were more suited for a wedding or a spin around a ball room. When in doubt, pick a gown with a higher neckline and a lower skirt – you can always take things up or down a notch, but it’s much more difficult to add fabric where there currently isn’t any.

Pick colors & cuts that flatter.
The number one rule to choosing the right pageant gown is to compliment your figure. Find what works for you. Generally, if you are short and buxom, you’ll want to rely on tighter styles that feature ruching along the front, supportive cups, and unique straps the attract the eye. Taller ladies with a willowy build will appreciate empire waistlines and lacy bodices that hide sculpting boning and curved metal or plastic. For skin tones, go with what is tried and true: olive complexions will benefit from jewel tones, while fair-skinned complexions work best with neutral or bright colors.

Don’t forget the accessories!
A pretty tiara or a delicate veil, a simple strand of flowers in your hair, or a wrap can really accentuate your pageant gown. If your gown is very fancy and luxuriously adorned with lace or beads, go light on the jewelry. On the other hand, a more simpler gown would certainly benefit from a statement necklace or a gorgeous pair of bejeweled earrings. Makeup should be saved for last, and you’ll want to play up your best features, such as eyes and lips.

11 comments on “Know The Perfect Dress For Your Kind of Body

  1. I am short and small-framed and it’s hard for me to find clothes. I don’t like wearing sloppy clothes because they will make me look like a scarecrow. What I do is I wear jeans and shirt then wear heeled footwear.

  2. Absolutely! When you know the shape of your body or the type of your body, it makes searching for clothes a bit easier and flattering as well. I haven’t tried shopping at 1st look before.

  3. These are great tips. It’s best to always prioritize comfort when choosing clothes plus don’t forget to smile because it will be the best accessory that you can wear.

  4. I love wearing dresses which are pleated, to give my body shape, since I don’t have that curves you know. LOL. I also like wearing dresses that are short, preferably above the knee. I feel that I look tall with those. Hehe. 😀

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