Nike 2013 Spring Air Base II VNTG


Who loves chucks? I know most of you guys out there are raising your hands..hehe I know right? because even me I really want some great kicks that can make me dope. Today, the Nike brand releases their new design of kicks that has a product name of  Air Base II VNTG that includes on their spring collection for this year 2013. You may see the exact design shoes on the top photo. I must say, the shoes looks so swag and I really like how they played on the colors that really contrast to one another.

As for now. The brand, Nike, haven’t yet release any pricing details and some details regarding this dope shoes, however, soon enough they’ll release it over the market and by then we can know the price of it and where we could avail it. I will follow  up some info soon I hope you can check me often here for the updates. Thanks so much!

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