Supreme Harris Tweed Herringbone Camp Cap




The cold weather season doesn’t only require us to wear those thick-materialed tops like jackets, coats, blazers and cardigans to make us feel warm but we also need to accessorize. We can give our outfit a more stylish appeal by using a cap. There’s this cap that I find looks very fashionable. I am talking about this SUPREME  Harris Tweed  Hereingbone  Camp Cap. A cap that can be best for cold weather season. Its tweed heringbone (tweed, is a rough, unfinished woolen fabric that resembles to woven fabric. And hereingbone is a V-shaped weaving pattern) may add a warm feeling. This collection comes in four colors which are maroon, purple, green, navy. Its sun visor is made of leather. The best part of this cap is the SUPREME logo on front.

These caps are now already available online for an amount of $54 USD. Supreme is a fashion brand of clothing and accessories  that started 1994. Their fashion is for skateboarders, hip hop and punk rock cultures. This cap can be worn for daily use to match mens outfits and or they can use this to any outdoor activity. Caps can give a man an striking appeal, specially this kind of shape, its design is different with some regular caps. Men can never go wrong to by wearing this. And the material of this cap has a vintage appeal which is very trendy this season. So guys, this is must have go get one for you.

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