Taeyang Burberry Prorsum leather Vest, Chrome Hearts Belt,and bracelet from Chrome Hearts

I know most guys out there are wanted to be look like this guy named Taeyang, because taeyang has this great fashion sense that most guys are following these days. Today, what I have was these accessories and cloth that taeyang’s wore to the one of the concert he attended, that exact pieces on the photos on top.

Taeyang Black vest is from Burberry that has a product name of Burberry Prorsum leather studded biker vest that has a price of 2,995GBP that’s includes on the Burberry summer collection on this black vest. While the belt was on Chrome Hearts, and has a price of $2,172 USD, yeah, that’s how expensive is his belt is. And guess what? his bracelet was the most expensive bracelet that Ive ever heard, was approximately$20,411.25 USD. Gawd, that’s too much, anyways, that’s how they work and they did afford it, so go on. Okay, that’s it for now and I hope someone will give me that bracelet..LOL

8 comments on “Taeyang Burberry Prorsum leather Vest, Chrome Hearts Belt,and bracelet from Chrome Hearts

  1. Does anyone know the brand of his black skinny jeans that he often wears nowadays? Something unique i’ve noticed is that his black skinny jeans has this shinny looking “armor” or “shield” like looking black logo patch on his coin pocket if you notice him during his performances. Any idea of the jean’s brand? the jeans look awesome! 🙂

  2. I don’t have a chance to have fashion style similar to Taeyang. The prices of his accessories are a bit outrageous. I would go for the fake ones though.

  3. Punk not dead! That was the most cool get up I ever seen. That’s a real punky get up but at the same time very sophisticated. I think if I were you I’ll just settle down on what call “class A”.

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