Yoseob rockin’ on SWAGGER “Mixed” Tee



SWAGGER “Mixed” Tee

This was my first post about b2st fashion style in here, Istarblog.com. And will try to put up some more on by my next posts – so please keep on checking the blog as you wanted yourself to be updated on what’s your favorite idols often and want to wear. Today, I have this SWAGGER “Mixed” Tee where Yoseob rockin on the photo on top. As I know the brand swagger is originally and locally in Japan so we might get some hard times to get the same tee of Yoseob’s tee and it might also out of stock already due of the demand ( I think so).
The tee has a price of 6,090 yen ( base on my source) and I dunno the converted currency for dollar..hih try to check it in any online currencies calculation sites.hih

Usually, as I noticed, BEAST/B2ST members are just usually into Black and white tees that has prints on it. And they usually into these street wear fashion brands like Stussy, alife, the hundred and many more. Just keep on checking me here for more b2st fashion styles and I’ll include the mentioned brands which their wore. Alright, that’s it for now. Thanks!

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