Balmain New Designer Olivier Rousteing

I’m so lucky to have some friends in facebook that has the same interest with me which is men fashion and such related. Actually this information was shared by a friend on the said social media that this man named Olivier Rousteing is now the new designer of the well known brands Balmain. I hope to see some of his designs pretty soon and I look forward to see some awesomely pieces that he  made of. Okay that’s it for now and let see soon on how this great man works.

I’m still adepting my self to write well

I admit, I wasn’t good enough when it’s comes in writing because I needed to check on my comma,period,capital letter, that I’ve often forgotten to check on with. Actually I quite bothering on this nowadays,why? Because I was adepting it and most of the time I really do leave those phrases that has to be comma on the end,either some period and must be capitalize letters, but yet still I’m trying my best now to write in the right command of English,so that people that reads my post out will not hits me any extremely criticism. Though I do accept such notes in me but also, as a reader we must to be responsible enough as well by giving any comments in regards on what the author wanted to share with. Me, personally I must, I’d reads some blogs already that has this very poor command of English though,but still I do respect on what he/she trying to say to everyone,because in that sense, the blogger will practice her/him writing stuff, but of course in other side of it we must correct him/her in what we’ve seen wrong in the manner way.

By the way,could you please bear me to this post? Excuse me, I’m just using iPad and I’m having a hard time to check on my previous writes,I’ll check my grammars later morning. Thanks and have a pleasant day to everybody.

Maria Aragon Talks to Lady GaGa

This was a quick update on my very recent published post, regarding on the young sweetie that caught the attention of Lady Gaga due of her own cover song  “Born this way”, now this young lady been invited to a radio station on Canada and she been given a change to do small talk with Lady GaGa straight away from the states. Watch the video on top to find out the full details. Thanks!

Delayed payment again

Recently I’ve been published that my theadnetwork was pretty delayed by paying me on their monthly payment to this site because they did putted their banners up into this blog and onto my other 6 blogs,that can earned me 50 usd per month, yeah, they just having a very cheap advertisement into my well ranked blogs, but it’s ok though, because 50 bucks is still a help for me to pursue this thing up,of course I’m paying some bucks on my hosting and other expenses online.

But I think the company are having some problem on their budget or finances? Not sure though,but that’s my hint then,because they do give us publishers some hard ass to receive each one of us payments,hey guys,what,s happening side there? Been emailed them already but yet still they don’t get back on me to explain what’s happening that the payment caused delayed. My goodness gracious I really need some bucks so badly now because I was planned already to buy one Dslr camera that I know having 50 bucks will be a part to have my eagerness, alrighty let see who this guys come up soon regarding this matter,but im still hopping that they’ll pay me by tomorrow morning. Let see though.

I use iPad for blogging

On my recent published blog post,you may see that some text aren’t that much well written and yeah it was misspelled, please don’t blame me though,why? Because my iPad was the one who made it,and maybe later as I use my laptop then, I can correct it,but please as you reading this out today,please bear with it,lol anyways I am using my recent buy iPad to blog this out because I find I cool because all things was done in proper in away,though it has an spelling check that can make this post quite messy but I think I needed to hit something just t make this well more proper,let see as I check the function later right after I finish this post.

Blogging on iPad it’s really amused me,because everywhere I am, I can really blog my thoughts without worrying where could I place with,because iPad is indeed handy on my way,how about yours? Oh well, I think thats it for now and let see on my next iPad post if I make this perfectly.Thanks!

I miss updating this blog quite awhile

Recently,I’ve been too busy on my other work online which finding such relevant sites that my boss might consider to make some advertisement through out to them.yeah,I was working on other awesome advertisers nowadays and I love doing it because I use to talk in a lot of different people and I can proves that people has these different beliefs and attitude,lol my goodness some of those are really mean to me,to the fact that I was the one who’ll be giving them such offers,I find it funny,really, but other really guine to make deal with then and I would like to thank them,for not making my day ruin.

Oh, I was updating this blog now n not in paid post,this was achievement on my end then,finally I made this and I hope I can able to update this as for this kind by tomorrow because I need to catch up a lot on this blog and to make m lex a rankings better.let see on how this work soon,I’ll make an update as I’ve seen any development into this.Thanks!

many things to share but my mind isn’t working!

I had a lot of ideas now who are roaming on my head now but yet still i cant blog them all out here because im too lack of sleep who can bring me a bad mindset today though i can listed out all topics in one notepad so that if i got my well sleep then i can get back to them and recall what those ideas that i wanted to share here, i think that is the best thing to do if you had this same such because as i had a sleepless night ill definitely had also a bad thought,skill and stuff who can make me feel frustrated because i cant get to construct my sentences thats what i mean..LOL

Ok i think i need to take my sleep now so that i can maximize my work later and give way on my other blogs to get updated because its been already 5 days ago when i was able to update them out due with some glitches happened on my main server recently..ok thanks a lot and have a great weekend everyone..