Trends: Blonde Hair for Men


Though summer season is already done and we’re all welcoming the fall season now. But yet I think, blonde hair for both girls and men are still hip and trends. Why do I say so? oh well, because I’ve always seen folks wearing an blonde hair with them that can signifies that this thing is still trends in the fashion industry today. I hope this make sense? lol anyway, if you want your self to have an blonde hair especially if you were an Asian, like the guy the top, just go ahead as long it will suit on you well you’ll definitely rock on it in any seasons.


I think, most people nowadays are more on trends and hippest things, however, the real meaning of fashion is not just into brands and what’s things hip but also the confidence you have and how you carry yourself through all these things you have. Got what I mean? alright, that’s it for now and will try to update some fashion news by my next post. Thanks!