Amazing Bentley GMT Watch from Breitling


Replica Breitling Bentley watches have been one of the most outstanding models ever made by the internationally renowned Swiss brand since it has built up a partnership with Bentley Motors. This Bentley series is considered as a perfect combination of quintessential elegance and style of Bentley as well as the essence of Breitling watches.

Breitling Bentley watches are mainly men’s watches which are reminiscent of the Bentley’s sophistication, design and British refinement. These watches are amongst the most remarkable Swiss-made luxury designer watches with a variety of styles and designs. One of the stunning models from this series is the Breitling for Bentley GMT, which is an entirely original chronograph, starting with its bold design. This watch has a rather impressive dial, which is graced with totalizer rims inspired by Bentley dashboards. The decent black rubber strap gives a contemporary touch to the watch. Apart from its fabulous appearance, this watch is also rather functional.

The Breitling for Bentley GMT watch is a dependable companion for those who often travel across boundaries. It carries the function of displaying several time zones at the same time. The red triangle-tipped additional hour hand performs one full turn of the dial in 24 hours. The rotating inner bezel bears the names of 24 cities to simplify international time reading. The Bentley GMT is offered in a wide selection of variation, in steel, or in an extremely precious red gold.

Breitling Bentley GMT watch is excellent timepiece that can also add style to the appearance of its wearers. Breitling Bentley GMT watch replica watches are also popular in the market since their prices are available on the pocket of many buyers. Breitling replica watches are crafted with everything the same as the originals so that they are able not to be recognized as fake and can stand the test of time.

Diamond Earrings


On today’s girls fashion. I think the most consider was this awesome diamond earring. Because diamond is an girl’s best friend and at the same time it has these great stones, diamond, that can give this awesome appeals to the earrings. Actually, diamond earrings are usual used in the formal events and gatherings, however, as the fashion evolved through years. The diamond earrings can be now use in any casual or not so casual events either.

Girls are really into diamonds. But I must sat earrings is the best piece or jewelry than others. Because earrings can be easily to see and its indeed noticeable.  Check online for more information about this earrings and also you can buy them online too.

Taeyang’s rockin’ with some sterling silver jewelry


It’s been ages already when I last time blogged up about taeyang’s fashion here. Because I’m quite bit busy with some matters that cant able for me to research about his fashion and statements. Today, let me again tells you on what I discovered about him when in regards on his fashion. Have you always seen taeyang wearing these swag sterling silver jewelry? like what you are seeing on the top photo? and wonder on where brand/s these jewelry came from? oh well, these jewelries of his are usually from the brand chrome hearts. Check some kpop blogs about this and you’ll find out more about it.

And please, keep on checking this blog because I might include some taeyang’s chrome hearts jewelry here with a full details. I just need to draft them because I’m kinda busy now posting for some companies. I’ll give out full details soon..:)

Trends: Feeling Good


Magnetic jewelry has been said to diminish pain associated with inflammation, such as arthritis, tendonitis and carpal tunnel. This effect is attributed to the magnetic field the jewelry creates near the site of inflammation. Ankle bracelets may be worn to ease discomfort in the ankles, wrist bracelets may be worn for wrist and hand problems, and magnetic necklaces may be worn for neck discomfort.

Quality magnetic jewelry usually contains special kinds of magnets called neodymium or rare earth magnets, which produce a strong magnetic field. This field may improve circulation in the wrist area when the bracelet is worn.

While research has yet to prove or disprove this, many consumers strongly claim that magnetic jewelry does feel good to wear and relieve discomfort. Athletes who need arm and wrist strength for their sport, such as tennis players and golfers, sometimes wear magnetic bracelets.

Aside from feeling good, another reason that magnetic bracelets are trending right now is they look great and go with nearly any outfit. There are solid metal bracelets as well as beaded bracelets that contain beautiful gemstones. Whether you are a man or a woman, you can wear these bracelets in any season. Magnetic bracelets are attractive enough to wear with sweaters, blazers, nice shirts or blouses.

Here are some of the popular styles of magnetic bracelets


Copper is also believed to be helpful for arthritis and is sometimes worn by golfers. You will find plain copper magnet bracelets, as well as woven bracelets at shops such as Magnet Jewelry Store. Paired with either casual clothes or formal attire, a copper magnet bracelet can help you look and feel your best.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel easily retains its shine through light cleaning and stands up to a lot of abuse. Choose from delicate woven bracelets or thick, bold bracelets.

Beaded Bracelets

These beautiful bracelets combine the power of magnets with the beauty of stones such as turquoise, amethyst, hematite, coral, tiger-eye, mother of pearl, and agate. Match the stone colors with your outfit to pull the look together.


Hematite is an interesting stone, with a unique, dark grey sheen. It has a place in history as a stone commonly worn to protect the wearer. As an iron ore, hematite can be magnetized. Bracelets made from hematite have a subdued and classy, low-sheen metallic look. Pair these bracelets with jeans and a t-shirt, or nice pants and shirt.

Taeyang x Magnetic Earrings by Givenchy



Magnetic Earrings by Givenchy

Indeed, this so much fierce and this was my first time then to see this guy Taeyang on this style. And I know you too also. What do you think about this? dope or nope? for me, this definitely dope, however, of course, he must to balance his statements up, what I mean was, he must only occasionally do this kind of fierce. Because people recognized him already for his street wear fashion styles. Which a lot of peeps out there are looking forward too.

Alright, on this photo. Taeyang is wearing an Magnetic Earrings from the brand Givenchy. Actually, I dont know yet any further details about the piece like the pricing details, availability, and the main material used to this. But no worries folks, soon I got to know it, sure thing, I will update you again in here.

Okay, that’s it for now and I hope I may blog up some more informative than to this post soon by my next posts..hehehe because I admit, I really dunno what to say about this earring because I didn’t do my research about it yet. I just blogged up it here with my random thoughts about the piece..LOL But soon, I promise, I’ll then update some more detailed posts one. Thanks a lot!

Sponsored Video: Tudor, The Timepiece of All Time


Among the watches I would like to own, if my budget permits it, are Rolex and Tudor. These two watches are timepieces that we can truly be proud of and can be handed down from generation to generation. Even though they are expensive, we can be sure that we are getting our money’s worth when we buy them. It’s also a good investment because its value doesn’t depreciate. Tudor Watch Company was first established in March 1946 by Hans Wilsdorf, the same man who made Rolex a household name. He wanted a watch that would be more affordable but with the same qualities that a Rolex watch has. The name Tudor was taken from the Tudor period of England. The first logo of Tudor watches was a Tudor Rose on the dial, an emblem of England. In the late 1960’s it was changed into the Shield emblem.

The first Tudor Oyster was introduced in the 1940’s while the Tudor Oyster Prince was introduced in 1952. Its marketing campaign centered on the watch’s durability and showed that it can be worn anywhere, even in extreme conditions. Models that can be worn underwater soon followed. The Tudor Prince Submariner during 1964-1966 and Marine Nationale during the early 1970’s-1984 are more technologically and functionally advanced. The Tudor Oysterdate Chronograph was then introduced in 1970. Along with a new slogan, “Designed for Performance. Engineered for Elegance”, the Grantour Collection was presented in 2009. The Tudor Heritage Black Bay comes from Tudor Heritage collection. It’s exquisitely designed and finely crafted and draws inspiration from the 1954 model.

The latest addition to the Tudor Heritage collection is the new Tudor Heritage Advisor. It was introduced in 2011. It’s a modern version of the 1957 alarm watch equipped with a mechanical alarm clock module. A lot of the original design was retained with a few modern twists to the design. Among the other features are 42 mm titanium and steel case with polished and satin finish, steel winding crown with a Tudor Rose, domed sapphire crystal, a choice of an alligator leather strap or steel bracelet. It’s waterproof up to a depth of 330 feet.

When it comes to innovation, Tudor watches stand out. Its fabric straps are hand-crafted, meticulously done, and comfortable to the wrist. They certainly make the watches more stylish and sophisticated. Tudor watches are made with high quality and has durability in mind. They use only the best materials and these are tested up to the smallest detail. With every Tudor watch is a promise of excellence, durability, and style.

Sponsored by Tudor.

Stussy × JAM HOME MADE Rope Bracelets


Recently, Stussy had teamed up to the other brand called JAM HOME MADE. Though, I am not familiar on this other brand, JAM HOME MADE, but yet still I’d found them cool and has these great pieces too in regards on their fashion designs and all. Stussy is really well known for their punk streety fashion statements that’s why I quite sure that these Rope Bracelets , Stussy × JAM HOME MADE, will be surely hip soon enough on today’s fashion especially for those people who has enthusiastic on street wear fashion.

Actually, these bracelets are perfectly for this season summer, however, the only flaws I see was, the bracelet might frail than to those usually designs of rope bracelets by the other brands, but design wise, these bracelets are dope. You may check out Stussy & JAM HOME MADE for more info about this collaboration piece over their each website for you to know further about this. Thanks!

Bvlgari Jewelry: Exclusive and Designer Jewelry


Bvlgari is basically an Italian brand. It is usually a fashion based jewelry which is designed by outstanding gems that are of superior quality. Bvlgari jewelry is exclusively designed for elite people who carry an absolute taste of fashion and style and for whom the fashion jewelry carries a great mean of fashion mean with unique taste which have the great level of confidence in opulence which is carried with design. The most significant part of this Jewelry is that it holds the beauty that can win the heart of the fashion followers and for whom fashion and opulence means style and standard of living. This jewelry is beyond doubt quite luxurious and costly but at the same time when you will see this watch you will definitely understand that the Jewelry is worth of its cost.

Specifically women, who generally love to wear stylish and exclusive jewelry. As during the special events and during festival the bvlgari jewelry can be really a magnificent gift for each female. Moreover, there is a wide and extensive diversity of luxury and Fashion jewelry, which can be selected according to the taste and event of the customer. These jewelries are available in quite diverse design and styles. However, the range varies from rings, wristlets, necklace, anklets and various other designer styles and patterns which are studded with precious and semi precious stones and gems.

The stylish and unique Jewelry provides a gorgeous and stunning appearance with latest style blended with fashion which has made to be the initial choice of every female. This Jewelry has now become as the status symbol for the elite group. So, for what are we waiting for, don’t give any second though instead go ahead and buy the exclusive and stylish jewelry which is now regarded as the symbol of status and standard.

Engagement Rings That Lasts A Lifetime


Would a groom give his bride a so-so engagement ring or an engagement ring that would be the envy of every woman? Of course he’ll give her the most beautiful engagement ring that he can afford. This is one of the most important day in a woman’s life and receiving a beautiful engagement ring would certainly add to the special event. But an engagement ring doesn’t really have to be super expensive. It just has to be something that comes from the heart. I’m sure whatever ring a man gives to his girl would always be special to the girl. It doesn’t have to look like a celebrity engagement ring that costs an arm and a leg.

 Among the more popular designer engagement rings are from the brands Cartier and Tiffany & Co. Since both brands have been in the business for many years, most of the rings that they sell are expensive. But some are more affordable than others. Those with diamonds and other precious stones are naturally more expensive than those without. So if you want a designer engagement ring that’s more affordable, go for the gold or Sterling silver plain wedding bands. Keep in mind your budget since you also have to think of your wedding dress. If you are a celebrity or from the royalty, you’d probably commission a famous designer to make your wedding dress. Monique Lhuillier and Vera Wang are two of the most talented designers today. But let’s be realistic. Designer wedding dresses are very expensive. But of course, you are definitely getting your money’s worth with these designers. Don’t despair if you’re not rich. There are other designers that are talented yet more affordable.

A Cartier engagement ring would always be in every woman’s checklist of engagement rings. It’s expensive and a brand that the rich and famous usually buy. Cartier designer rings have been around for decades, arguably the most popular is the solitaire Cartier collection of 1895. It can be worn anywhere, any time despite of its elegance. Cartier designer rings are timeless and thus will be here with us for many more decades. Modern styles have been added to ring designs for the modern woman. Always a ring staple are high quality diamonds.

Another good choice for a ring is the Tacori engagement ring. They have a lot of designs to choose from. Others are simple while others are more intricately designed. The business was established in 1969 by Haig Tacorian as a family business and expanded over the years. There’s a design for every type of woman.

For more details: Check this site

Joyrich x GIZA Spring/Summer 2012






Summer is all about colors and light pieces. That’s why most of the brand lines these days are trying their best to give us all consumers some awesome pieces that we could wear off for this season, summer. Today, Ive found this collection that had been collaborated by the 2 great companies Joyrich and Giza . The two brands are locally in Japan if I dont mistaken about the info I got. And they often have these quirky and unique pieces that most people are amazed with, you know japan when it comes to their fashion,right?..

So – yeah, these are the pieces that we could expect from the Joyrich x Giza by this summer season. By the way, loved the geometrical Egyptian detail of this collection, really stunning and way different on the other brand’s spring summer collections.

I will update you soon enough about this collection availability and pricing details, so – you better to check back often..;) Thanks and have yourself a great weekend.